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New York Times Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

'Delphine' author Madame de ___ STAEL
'Hold on a sec' NOTYET
'___ not!' FEAR
4 x 400-meter relay, e.g EVENT
Absorbent cloth TERRY
Acronym for linked computers LAN
Actor Lugosi BELA
Actress with the iconic line 'What a dump!' BETTEDAVIS
Add-on charge FEE
Away's partner FAR
Battery containing a liquid electrolyte WETCELL
Bellini opera NORMA
Beth preceder ALEPH
Brewery named after a Dutch river AMSTEL
Brit's washroom LAV
Bums around LOAFS
Captain and others RANKS
Casanova PLAYBOY
Caustic material LYE
Collaborator with Disney on the film 'Destino' DALI
Computer mode SLEEP
Dominates, informally OWNS
Easygoing LAX
Élan ZIP
Enthusiast FAN
Film about a Communist invasion? MARXATTACKS
Film about a romantic dentist's daily routine? EATXRAYLOVE
Film about an elegantly made crossword? THELOVELYBOXES
Film about the woman most likely to catch men's attention? ABEAUTIFULMINX
First family of Germany, 1969-74 BRANDTS
Genie's home LAMP
Geom. shape RECT
Get off the ground? LEVITATE
Guileful FOXY
Holiday associated with 44-Downs, in brief XMAS
How the swallows returned to San Juan Capistrano YEARLY
Instrument for Orpheus LYRE
Israeli gun UZI
It's usually between 3 and 5 PAR
Kind of vaccine ORAL
King Harald's father OLAV
Level EVEN
Level RAZE
Like a bass voice or a hairy chest UNFEMININE
Like Jackie Jackson, in the Jackson 5 OLDEST
Line on a baseball SEAM
Lo-___ RES
Logic game with matchsticks NIM
Member of the MTV generation, informally XER
Memory of a very busy day, maybe BLUR
Mime APE
Mint NEW
Moroccan headwear FEZ
Night light, perhaps UFO
Old hand PRO
Old trade inits EEC
Poke holes in STAB
See 32-Down ELF
Shaving boo-boos NICKS
Shoptalk ARGOT
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Site of a famed mausoleum AGRA
Son of Noah HAM
Take a gander at EYE
The statue 'David' on open-air display in Florence, e.g REPLICA
Ties down TETHERS
Told, as a yarn WOVE
Vegetarian's protein source TOFU
Weest of wee hours ONEAM
Well-suited APT
Whack SWAT
___ lark ONA

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