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New York Times Crossword Answer - September 23, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - September 23, 2014

'Trust me!' HONEST
'Ugh, German sausage is the wurst,' e.g PUN
'We did it!' YAY
'___ well' ALLS
Access a private account LOGIN
Actor Claude of 'B. J. and the Bear' AKINS
Actors Alan and Robert ALDAS
Advanced law degs LLDS
Advantage EDGE
Almost had no stock left RANLOW
Barely missing par BOGEYING
Big balls GALAS
Big ___ (person who takes a date to a fast-food restaurant, jocularly) SPENDER
Blind part SLAT
Brand of shoes or handbags ALDO
Brown-toned photos SEPIAS
Cheddarlike cheese COLBY
Citi Field team, on scoreboards NYM
Cooks gently SIMMERS
Darns, e.g SEWS
Drink with a lizard logo SOBE
Everett ___, player of Mr. Bernstein in 'Citizen Kane' SLOANE
Exercise on a mat YOGA
Fabulous birds ROCS
Gave a cattle call? LOWED
Greet with loud laughter ROARAT
Group of whales GAM
Hit ___ spot ASORE
Home of the University of Nevada RENO
Itsy-bitsy creature AMEBA
Jazz great named after an Egyptian god SUNRA
Lagoon surrounder ATOLL
Lawrence who co-wrote two of the 'Star Wars' films KASDAN
Like some home improvement projects, briefly DIY
Like the snow in a shaken snow globe ASWIRL
Mahmoud Abbas's grp PLO
Maker of Asteroids and Missile Command ATARI
Makes a harsh sound BLATS
Mystery prizes EDGARS
Nasty political accusations MUD
NNW's opposite SSE
Nothing doing? IDLE
Obeyed a dentist's directive FLOSSED
Old British sports cars MGS
One of the Gabor sisters MAGDA
Pitcher EWER
Poet Nash OGDEN
Pricey seating option LOGE
Red Roof ___ INN
Reds and Braves, for short NLERS
Rodeo rope RIATA
Roone who created 'Nightline' and '20/20' ARLEDGE
Rub out ERASE
Scattered STREWN
Settles (into) EASES
Snowman in Disney's 'Frozen' OLAF
Soup server LADLE
Spade of 'The Maltese Falcon' SAM
Sprinted SPED
Stimulates, informally GOOSES
Stravinsky ballet AGON
Swiss river AAR
Take out of an overhead bin, say UNSTOW
Think optimistically DREAM
U.S.N.A. grad: Abbr ENS
Valuable finds suggested by the circled letters GOLDNUGGETS
W.W. I's Battle of the ___ YSER
Well-established OLDLINE
What comes out of an angry person's ears in cartoons STEAM
Winter truck attachment PLOW

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