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New York Times Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

Clue Answer
Noggin BEAN
Handout to a party guest FAVOR
Almost any "Get rich quick!" offer SCAM
House overhang EAVE
Jong who wrote "Fear of Flying" ERICA
Frat house party wear TOGA
Bank heist group STICKUPMEN
Visa or MasterCard rival, informally AMEX
Conversed TALKED
Tiny type size AGATE
The "S" in 36-Across STATE
Sweet rum component CANESUGAR
Relatives by marriage INLAWS
Rome's ___ Fountain TREVI
Appurtenance for Santa or Sherlock Holmes PIPE
Cheer for a torero OLE
Morgue identification TOETAG
Sch. in Baton Rouge LSU
Indy 500 leader POLECAR
Russian jet MIG
Changes ALTERS
Hamburger holder BUN
Hair goops GELS
Kind of question with only two answers YESNO
South-of-the-border nap SIESTA
Company downsizings STAFFCUTS
Signed, as a contract INKED
A pity! SOSAD
Coastal land south of Congo ANGOLA
Couple PAIR
British rocker with the 1979 #1 hit "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" RODSTEWART
Electrical adapter letters ACDC
Japanese dog breed AKITA
___ vera (skin soother) ALOE
Cry on a roller coaster WHEE
Adjusted the pitch of, as an instrument TUNED
Sunbeams RAYS
Opposite (or synonym) of worsts BESTS
Really bother EATAT
St. Teresa of ___ AVILA
Item not worn on casual Fridays NECKTIE
Fight between late-night hosts, e.g. FEUD
Dadaist artist Jean ARP
Atlantic and Pacific OCEANS
I'm stranded and need a ride COMEGETME
Grow older : AGE AGE
Reach the limit, with "out" MAX
Astute KEEN
Fur trader John Jacob ___ ASTOR
Telephone : CALL CALL
Not very much AWEEBIT
To no ___ (in vain) AVAIL
Bobby who lost 1973's Battle of the Sexes tennis match RIGGS
Eton johns LOOS
Hamlet and "Macbeth" PLAYS
Speck of land in the sea ISLET
Takes off the front burner PUTSASIDE
Gets color at the beach TANS
Univ. lecturers PROFS
Stage prompts CUES
Carry out, as a law ENFORCE
Fight over turf GANGWAR
Numerical puzzle with a 9x9 grid SUDOKU
Fork prong TINE
Gem weight CARAT
Down Under "bear" KOALA
Jetson boy of 1960s TV ELROY
Results of using eHarmony DATES
Not very much ATAD
Animal foot PAW
German's "Oh my!" ACH
Loud noise DIN
Sault ___ Marie, Ont. STE

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