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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 19, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 19, 2014

'Divine' showbiz persona MISSM
'Downton Abbey' title LADY
2013 Golden Globe winner for 'Girls' LENADUNHAM
44-Across's 'Fighting' team IRISH
A nerd may not have one SOCIALLIFE
Alcopop relative WINECOOLER
Animal that may swim on its back OTTER
Baby docs OBS
Bad place for a whale BEACH
Beginning of a process of elimination ONEPOTATO
Between, to Balzac ENTRE
Chef de cuisine's shout ETVOILA
Christie novel title that, without spaces, is a man's name NORM
Coach Parseghian ARA
Colony in ancient Magna Graecia ELEA
Contemporary and compatriot of Debussy SATIE
Dr. Ruth, for one SEXPERT
Either director of 'True Grit' COEN
Eschewed takeout, say ATEIN
First name in Chicago politics RAHM
Four-star figs ADMS
Fourth of July, for Calvin Coolidge, informally BDAY
Going green? ILL
How you may feel after taking allergy medication CLEARER
It's often checked on a cell EMAIL
Make public UNEARTH
Match.com abbr SWF
New lease on life FRESHSTART
Nickname for Oliver Cromwell IRONSIDE
Not level ATASLANT
Obamacare obligation MANDATE
One living in urban poverty, pejoratively SLUMDOG
One who gets numbers by calling numbers POLLSTER
Peach GEM
Publishing house employee PROOFER
Refrain syllable TRA
Resort options INNS
Risotto relative PILAF
Self-praise couched in self-deprecation, in modern lingo HUMBLEBRAG
Sentinel's place ORLANDO
Shore dinner SEAFOOD
Some tributes ODES
South American cowboy LLANERO
Spots annoying teens ACNE
Spots where artists mix? PALETTES
Stain BLOT
Story lines ARCS
Stuffed chili pepper RELLENO
Talent scout's find, informally PHENOM
Taylor of 'Twilight' LAUTNER
There's no place to go but down from here HILLTOP
Ties up in a slip MOORS
Toon toned down for the 1930s Hays Code BOOP
Turkish dough LIRAS
Unit of energy? BUNDLE
Unstable compound ENOL
Was up LED
What marketers might follow TELE
You may drop a big one NAME
___ desk (newsroom assignment) METRO
___ Lonely Boys (2004 Grammy winners) LOS
___ pop VOX
___-soul (style of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill) NEO

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