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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

Clue Answer
'Don't stop!' KEEPGOING
'Eat, Pray, Love' setting BALI
'Good riddance!' NOLOSS
'His wife could ___ lean' EATNO
'Me, me, me' sort EGOTIST
'Praise the Lord!' OHHAPPYDAY
'The Fog of War' director Morris ERROL
'The Great White Hope' director Martin RITT
'Too much rest is ___': Sir Walter Scott RUST
'___ out?' (question to a pet) INOR
2007 3x platinum Alicia Keys album ASIAM
2012 gold-medal gymnast Raisman ALY
Aces the test GETSANA
Actor Michael's means of support? CAINEPILLAR
Advil competitor MOTRIN
Annoyance for actor Colin? FIRTHBOTHER
Aquatic organism ALGA
As well TOO
Ball club position SCOUT
Bandmate Barry, Maurice or Robin GIBB
Benefits AVAILS
Big name in ice cream EDY
Blade in the back? SCAPULA
Blood products SERA
Boycotter of the '84 L.A. Olympics USSR
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Bring down, in England RASE
Burning desire? ARSON
Bygone Dodge OMNI
Call REF
Call from the sidelines LET
Caroler's quaff EGGNOG
Casts out EGESTS
Civil rights leader Roy INNIS
Cleaning aid WASHRAG
Cleaning aid since 1889 LYSOL
Clove hitch and sheepshank KNOTS
Comic Tina recovered from her wound? FEYHEALED
Components for wireless networks ROUTERS
Creative word people COINERS
Davis of 'Commander in Chief' GEENA
Days gone by YORE
Dental unit TOOTH
Department store section SHOES
Dr. ___ Spengler ('Ghostbusters' role) EGON
Early 'Project Runway' sponsor ELLE
Elation GLEE
Fail to keep up LAG
Feng ___ SHUI
Flamenco cries OLES
Folies-Bergère costume designer ERTE
Foot-long part SOLE
German city on the Baltic KIEL
German ___ MEASLES
Get-out-of-full-screen button ESC
Heckle TAUNT
Heir of martial artist Bruce? LEESCION
Hip-hop record mogul Gotti IRV
Home to the Blues and once the Browns: Abbr STL
Ian Fleming genre SPYFI
Impeccably TOAT
In accordance with ASPER
Influenced SWAYED
It came down in 2001 MIR
Jargon LINGO
Kept underground, maybe AGED
Kind of code PENAL
Lake that's the source of the Mississippi ITASCA
Lens cover EYELID
List abbr ETAL
Little bit SKOSH
Lost lady in 'The Raven' LENORE
Man, in Milan UOMO
More slick, in a way ICIER
Musician David's equestrian accouterments? BYRNETACK
No-see-ums GNATS
Not in pounds, say METRIC
Not totally against OPENTO
Noted hint giver HELOISE
Nut jobs LOONS
Obama caricature feature BIGEARS
Ocho ___ (Jamaican resort) RIOS
Oil giant based in Memphis WESSON
Old NBC drama LALAW
One side in a pickup basketball game SKINS
One way to break out INSONG
Org. that takes donations for the strapped? NRA
Organic compound STEROL
Out of the wind ALEE
Partridge family member PHEASANT
Person whose number is up GONER
Philippine province with a repetitive name ILOILO
Piece of cake SLICE
Polo grounds? CATHAY
Popular airfare comparison site KAYAK
Positive signs of life in outer space? AOKS
Q&A part: Abbr ANS
Refresher CATNAP
Rural block ANVIL
Russia's ___ Airlines URAL
San Francisco gridder NINER
Set on a cellphone BARS
Sirs' counterparts MAAMS
Sissy who's not a sissy SPACEK
Sit to be shot POSE
Some chip dip, informally GUAC
Some mounts STEEDS
Something given when someone has been taken EULOGY
Speedy Northeast conveyance ACELA
Square UNHIP
Stay out of sight HIDE
Studies: Abbr RPTS
Subject of a Scottish mystery, informally NESSIE
Surprisingly agile SPRY
Suspected cause of Napoleon's death ARSENIC
Tart cocktail named for comic Amy? POEHLERSOUR
Teddy material LACE
Tempting words for shopaholics ONSALENOW
Tennis champ Monica SELES
The Judds, e.g DUO
They go around the world ATLASES
Thriller writer DeMille NELSON
Thunderstruck critic's review for actor Richard? GEREBOGGLES
Time piece ERA
Tranquil ATPEACE
Trojan's home, for short USC
Tug-of-war need ROPE
Urban legend about rapper Kanye? WESTMYTH
What 105-Acrosses do BRAG
What actor Martin calls his athletic footwear? SHEENCLEATS
Word in a Yale fight song BOOLA
___ Paulo SAO
___ pro nobis ORA

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