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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 12, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 12, 2014

Clue Answer
Queen's music STADIUMROCK
Film developer?: Abbr. DIR
Hasta la vista! IMOUTTAHERE
Musician with the 2012 album "Lux" ENO
Allows someone to walk, say TAKESTHERAP
Big gun on a ship: Abbr. ADM
Oxford, e.g., to its students UNI
Michael of "Juno" CERA
Oxide used in picture tubes YTTRIA
A person who talks when you wish him to listen, per Ambrose Bierce BORE
Coddle, e.g. BENICETO
Artistic friend of Zola MANET
Sharpshooter's skill AIM
Poet Wilfred ___ OWEN
Out of gear? NAKED
Buchanan in a bookstore EDNA
Word of logic NOR
Moving day multitude BOXES
Governor or senator follower ELECT
Caught in a web ENSNARED
Certain book, sizewise QUARTO
Makes out DETECTS
Secure neatly, as an umbrella FURL
Pioneer in the Nevada gaming industry HARRAH
One of its categories is Agency of the Year CLIO
With 46-Down, two-in-one movie players DVD
It's often an oxide ORE
Something avoided in a factory outlet RETAILPRICE
Washington and McKinley: Abbr. MTS
Commute, in a way DRIVETOWORK
Replies of confusion EHS
Stick here and there INTERSPERSE
Archaeologists often find what they're looking for in this SITU
Counterfeiter fighter, informally TMAN
Isao of golf AOKI
At full term DUE
No worries ITSCOOL
Comes out with UTTERS
Skiing twins' surname MAHRE
Sister of Phoebe, in myth RHEA
Or softly lightens ___ her face: Byron OER
Like many kids' self-made greeting cards CRAYONED
Didn't let oneself go, say KEPTFIT
Lead-in to some written advice DEARREADER
Option for a marinara base ROMATOMATO
Not too big a jerk TIC
Old bomber BTEN
A lot of what makes you you GENES
Checked in with loved ones, say PHONEDHOME
Exclamation that might be punctuated "??!?" HOWONEARTH
Put too much weight on OVERSTRESS
Like some potato chips BAKED
Ceilings MAXES
From the Union NORTHERN
Hebrew for "to the skies" ELAL
Rival of Captain Morgan BACARDI
Abba's music EUROPOP
___ Tamid (ever-burning synagogue lamp) NER
Thick spreads QUILTS
Ace on a base FLIER
Give up CAVE
One of its fragrances is Poison DIOR
See 45-Across VCRS
Rink fooler DEKE
Small warbler TIT
Inits. of Thoreau's mentor RWE

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