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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 10, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 10, 2014

Clue Answer
Missing links APEMEN
Place for a mud bath SPA
Abductees' destinations, in some hard-to-believe stories UFOS
Cleanser brand that "hasn't scratched yet" BONAMI
Shorten, perhaps HEM
Styptic pencil target NICK
Architect ___ Mies van der Rohe LUDWIG
Half an exorbitant fee? ARM
Prefix with matter ANTI
Riders in 10-Across ETS
What's goin' on? HOWYOUBEEN
Fuel rating OCTANE
Motorized racers KARTS
I need my ___ SPACE
Coquettish sorts TEASES
Let's shake! PUTERTHERE
Celestial strings HARP
Inheritance tax target ESTATE
Yours truly alternative ASEVER
Actor Jackie who's his own stuntman CHAN
Don't worry, I'm O.K. NOHARMDONE
Scoundrel BADLOT
Cary of "The Princess Bride" ELWES
Online birthday greeting ECARD
Sinatra's big band leader DORSEY
Hand it over! GIVEMETHAT
___ alai JAI
Be caught in ___ ALIE
Mauna ___ LOA
Some collectors' "vinyl" ALBUMS
Cameron of "Bad Teacher" DIAZ
Electric bill abbr. KWH
Turn the page, say READON
Common-sense SANE
Recent U.S.N.A. graduate: Abbr. ENS
Where you might see the message formed by the last words in 21-, 32-, 42- and 54-Across TSHIRT
Up to the job ABLE
Wear a puss POUT
Some touchdown scorers ENDS
Gaping mouth MAW
Universal Music Group label EMI
Like all World Series games, now NIGHT
Tecumseh's tribe SHAWNEE
How salaries or rainfall may be reported PERYEAR
Bandoleer filler AMMO
In an open, no-apologies manner UNABASHEDLY
In better condition, to collectors FINER
The black pawns, e.g. OCTET
Washington pro team, informally SKINS
I do solemnly swear ..., e.g. OATH
Aloha Oe instrument, for short UKE
Beachgoer's cooler-offer OCEANBREEZE
Part of C.D.: Abbr. CERT
Design detail, briefly SPEC
Market aggressively PUSH
Lead-in to "boy!" or "girl!" ATTA
Blacken on a barbecue SEAR
Watch over TEND
Say for certain AVOW
Tennis great Lacoste RENE
Secret Service's charge: Abbr. PRES
Jolly Roger crewman SMEE
Historic section of a city OLDTOWN
Big kerfuffles HOOHAHS
Gillette brand ATRA
Halsey or Nimitz: Abbr. ADM
OMG!, old-style EGADS
Eyelashes, anatomically CILIA
For the birds? AVIAN
Boot up START
Sommer of "A Shot in the Dark" ELKE
Oscar winner Dench JUDI
Love, in Lisbon AMOR
___ it ironic? ISNT
WKRP's Nessman LES
Rubbish! BAH

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