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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 08, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 08, 2014

'... woodchuck chuck, ___ woodchuck could chuck wood?' IFA
'Act your ___!' AGE
'Goody!' OHBOY
'Yippee!' WAHOO
'___ Bovary' MADAME
007 BOND
1910s conflict: Abbr WWI
2011 Tony-winning religious satire, with 'The' BOOKOFMORMON
2013 World Series winner, on scoreboards BOS
A toddler might throw one FIT
Actress Greta who famously said 'I want to be alone' GARBO
Ann ___, Mich ARBOR
Barbecue fare RIBS
Black magic item VOODOODOLL
Boingo service at airports WIFI
Boy's name that's almost always first alphabetically AARON
Cake layer TIER
Campus brotherhood, briefly FRAT
Campus sisterhood SORORITY
Charged particle ION
Christian of couture DIOR
Christmas song CAROL
Computer that runs OS X IMAC
Conned TOOK
Cunning SLY
Cutlet meat VEAL
Destitute NEEDY
Discharge EGEST
Discourage DETER
Drinking and gambling VICES
Eagle's perch AERIE
European peak ALP
Exxon merger partner MOBIL
Famous auto flop EDSEL
First president born outside the continental U.S OBAMA
Flying saucer occupant ALIEN
Get-out-of-jail money BAIL
Glasgow natives SCOTS
Golden-haired BLOND
Had possession of OWNED
Hall-of-Fame Broncos QB John ELWAY
Heartsickness, e.g ACHE
Hip, in the '60s MOD
Hollow between hills VALE
Horse's feedbox fill OATS
Hyperlocal way to campaign DOORTODOOR
Ill temper BILE
Insincere type PHONY
Jail, slangily SLAMMER
Like oak leaves and brains LOBED
London lav LOO
Long-distance callers' necessities AREACODES
Milestone birthday, informally ... with a hint to 20-, 31- and 41-Across THEBIGFIVEOH
Mother of Cain and Abel EVE
Paint layer COAT
Place for a ghost ATTIC
Pub potables ALES
Purple Heart recipient, e.g VETERAN
Q-tips, e.g SWABS
Rowdy soccer fan, for one HOOLIGAN
Scandinavian saint OLAF
Skater Sonja who won three Olympic gold medals HENIE
Slight coloring TINT
Speckled horse ROAN
Spill the beans BLAB
Start all over REDO
That guy HIM
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Toy construction piece LEGO
Uncle Ben's offering WHITERICE
Wager BET
Was ahead LED
Where to get eggs NEST
___ acid (protein building block) AMINO
___ Lingus (Irish carrier) AER
___ Oyl OLIVE

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