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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

'Beats me' IDUNNO
'Just about done' ONETOGO
'Me too' ASAMI
'War and Peace' has a lot of them: Abbr PGS
1957 Patrick White novel adapted into a 1986 opera VOSS
Alvin Ailey's field MODERNDANCE
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Phil NIEKRO
Best TOP
Biblical ending ETH
Blood test letters HDL
Bruin legend ORR
Charging for every little thing NICKELANDDIMING
Comprehends KENS
Contents of a well INK
Corp. whose name is also its stock symbol ITT
Courage GUTS
D.C. player NAT
Dash letters RPM
Dawg BRO
Deterioration of standards by competitive forces RACETOTHEBOTTOM
Didn't clash (with) WENT
Diversified investment strategy ASSETALLOCATION
Elderly person on a fixed income OLDAGEPENSIONER
Eugenia Washington (co-founder of the Daughters of the American Revolution), to George Washington GREATGRANDNIECE
Fall mos OCTS
Ford from the past TORINO
Friendly start? ECO
G.P. grp HMO
Go outside the calling area, say ROAM
Head-scratching ODD
Heartlessly abandons LEAVESTODIE
Hymn opener ADESTE
It's a mouthful CHAW
It's easy to swallow CAPLET
It's stranded, for short RNA
L. Frank Baum princess OZMA
Lanford Wilson's 'The ___ Baltimore' HOTL
Lang. class ENG
Like some broody teens EMO
Messenger de Dieu ANGE
Metric weight TONNE
Much like ALA
Native New Zealanders MAORIS
On hold ... or what the seven rows of black squares in this puzzle's grid spell in Morse code WAITING
One coming out of its shell? CICADA
Oomph GAS
Pack (in) CRAM
Pasta ___ (Italian dish, informally) FAZOOL
PepsiCo brand SOBE
Political machine practice PATRONAGEHIRING
Propagandists' detention site REEDUCATIONCAMP
Ray of old pictures ALDO
See 45-Across INON
See 46-Across ART
Silents actress Negri POLA
Silkscreen target TEE
Smooth-leaved ___ ELM
Some appliances, for short GES
Some backwoods folks HILLBILLIES
Televised fights? ADWARS
Title heroine of a Wagner opera ISOLDE
What a chicken feels FEAR
With 11-Down, become a part of GET
With 53-Down, many Marcel Duchamp works DADA
Word that is its own synonym when spelled backward PAT
___ colada PINA

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