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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 04, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 04, 2014

'Aw, heck!' NUTS
'The Raven' start ONCE
'This is exciting!' OHBOY
'Who's there?' reply ITSME
'___ and away!' UPUP
2nd-yr. student SOPH
Appointment holder DAYBOOK
Atlanta-to-Charleston dir ESE
Bedroom poster subject IDOL
Big do AFRO
Big name in trash GLAD
Biker gear TEMLEH
Black-and-white alerts, briefly APBS
Briefing site PRESSROOM
Byron of 'MythBusters' KARI
Cash holders TILLS
Contend VIE
Dash dial TACH
Dunn formerly of 'S.N.L.' NORA
Evil org. in 'The Simpsons Movie' EPA
French cup TASSE
Game with horns ELKS
Go crazy ... or a hint on how to enter five answers in this puzzle FLIPONESLID
Harvester's bundle SHEAF
Hot ___ ROD
Improper way to take the SAT INPEN
Intense hunger LUST
Kellogg's brand since 1970 EGGO
Legal deg LLB
Like a redeemed coupon VOID
Loki's brother, in movies THOR
Lover of Leander, in myth HERO
Lower-left keyboard key CTRL
Many a museum marble TORSO
Mark's successor EURO
Mold, as clay SHAPE
Not a very big invention FIB
Not to term EARLY
Offer one's two cents OPINE
Oppressive regimes TYRANNIES
Org. whose annual budget is classified NSA
Orthodox trademark EKLUMRAY
Outcast, often MISFIT
Parlement assent OUI
Part of a Latin 101 conjugation AMAS
Part of a shampoo promise BODY
Part of A.A.A.: Abbr ASSN
Partner's refusal NODEAR
Place for playing games ARENA
Pop singer Vannelli GINO
Preprinted gift tag word FROM
Recipe amts TBSPS
Scholarship criterion, maybe NEED
Sherlock Holmes accessory REKLATSREED
Siesta shader ORERBMOS
Sinatra cover ARODEF
Slashed conjunction ANDOR
Small intestine section ILEUM
Small parts ATOMS
Softly PIANO
Something found in the trash? ODOR
Source of the headline 'Study Finds Blame Now Fastest Human Reflex,' with 'The' ONION
Stead LIEU
Stir ADO
Strip locale, informally VEGAS
Subj. of the book 'Many Unhappy Returns' IRS
Take ___ (sample some) ASIP
The economist Adam Smith, for one SCOT
Thumb ___ ARIDE
Very distant FARREMOVED
Volleyball team count SIX
What's the point? DOT
___ Aybar, 2014 All-Star shortstop on the Angels ERICK
___ salad TUNA

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