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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 03, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 03, 2014

'Get Smart' adversary KAOS
'Giant' novelist Ferber EDNA
'Oh, why not?!' YEAH
'Ple-e-e-ease?' CANTI
'St. Louis Blues' composer WCHANDY
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' counselor TROI
'The Name of the Rose' author ECO
'You're wrong about me!' IDOSO
1960s antiwar grp SDS
1960s TV show featuring the cross-eyed lion Clarence DAKTARI
2013 Tonto portrayer DEPP
Ancient Mexican OLMEC
Artwork and furnishings DECOR
Author Calvino ITALO
Bean staple SOYA
Bickering ATIT
Big name in chemicals DOW
Biweekly occurrences, for many PAYDAYS
Bloods or Crips GANG
Burgundy relative MAGENTA
Certain court order STAY
Chekhov or Bruckner ANTON
Chop up DICE
Eye: Prefix OCULO
FEMA request, briefly EVAC
Fired up AMPED
Flaky mineral MICA
Former Soviet republic KAZAKHSTAN
French spa locale VICHY
Guardian ___ ANGEL
Himalayan legend YETI
Joey ___ & the Starliters DEE
Jolts, in a way TASES
Manhattan region EASTSIDE
Memory triggers PROMPTS
Metaphorical mess CANOFWORMS
Mex. miss SRTA
Micronesia's home OCEANIA
Minimum-range tides NEAPS
Mobster's gun ROSCOE
Monarch's advisers PRIVYCOUNCIL
Musician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom ISAACSTERN
Official paperwork, for short DOCS
Old stock car inits IROC
One-third of 'et cetera'? YADA
Only president to win a Pulitzer JOHNFKENNEDY
Part of Waldo's wear in 'Where's Waldo?' SKIHAT
Period sometimes named after a president ERA
Phnom ___ PENH
Place where people pick lox? DELI
Plant swelling EDEMA
Postings at LAX and ORD ETAS
Race advantages ... or a hint to 17-, 23-, 38- and 49-Across HEADSTARTS
Rice spice CURRY
Scares a cat, in a way WOOFS
Sharply dressed NATTY
Shorten, say EDIT
Showy flower LANTANA
Slippery ___ eel ASAN
Stage, say RECREATE
Track great Owens JESSE
Traditional ingredient in cookies and cream ice cream OREO
Twice tetra- OCTA
Undercooked, as an egg RUNNY
Wizards of aahs, for short? ENTS
Word at the bottom of a page, perhaps OVER
Words with time or song FORA
Worked on a trireme OARED
Working stiff SCHMO
Workplace rules setter, for short OSHA
___ Bo TAE
___ Lemon ('30 Rock' role) LIZ
___ Parker, first president of Facebook SEAN

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