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New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 02, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Sep 02, 2014

'Can you give me any alternative?' MUSTI
'Family Guy' baby STEWIE
'It takes money to make money,' e.g MAXIM
'Let me think ... yeah, that's stupid' UMNO
'Oh, hell!' DAMN
'To be,' in Latin ESSE
'___ upon a time ...' ONCE
Appomattox surrenderer LEE
Bandmate of Crosby, Stills and Young NASH
Barely manage, with 'out' EKE
Batting helmet feature EARFLAP
Battlefield food, for short MRE
Belief systems ISMS
Big Apple airport code LGA
Bit of sound equipment AMP
Blood component PLASM
Card tricks, e.g MAGIC
China's ___-tzu LAO
Christopher who directed three Batman films NOLAN
Citi Field mascot MRMET
Contingency arrangement PLANB
Crossed (out) XED
Do one's best STRIVE
Dog bullied by Garfield ODIE
Female students, condescendingly COEDS
First-week-of-school social event MIXER
Fishhook attachment SNELL
Fortuneteller SEER
Functions USES
Gatherings in which C.E.O.'s are chosen BOARDMEETINGS
Got the goat of IRKED
Groups of cops: Abbr PDS
Hard row to ___ HOE
Headgear often worn backward CAP
Hobo's accessory BINDLE
Home located in the sticks? NEST
Honeydews, e.g MELONS
Indian drum TABLA
Invite ASK
John who directed 'The Maltese Falcon' HUSTON
Late, as a video store rental OVERDUE
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Letters in a help wanted ad EOE
Literary Jane EYRE
Miner's find ORE
Naive young woman INGENUE
Not homo- HETERO
Old hand PRO
Palais ___ Sports (Paris arena) DES
Parts of an ellipsis DOTS
Perfect illustration TEXTBOOKEXAMPLE
Place where one can come home and chill? IGLOO
Pub tidbit BEERNUT
Record company LABEL
Rorschach test image BLOT
See 50-Across TIRE
Show on which Lennon and McCartney considered reuniting, for short SNL
Slightest of complaints PEEP
Small computer program APPLET
Smart-alecky SASSY
Snake poison VENOM
Snoop Dogg, for one, since 2012 RASTA
Someone ___ (not mine or yours) ELSES
Something horrible, with 'the' PITS
Unfortunate bottom line on an earnings report NETLOSS
Unfulfilled potential ROOMTOIMPROVE
Utterly wear out, in slang WIPE
What tuition and the starts of 17-, 22-, 37-(?) and 47-Across are COLLEGEEXPENSES
What's required in some passwords NUMERAL
Wind instruments OBOES
With 24-Down, blowout result FLAT
With the concession that ALBEIT
Yemeni port ADEN

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