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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

'Careless Hands' crooner MELTORME
'Chances ___ ...' ARE
'Daniel in the Lions' Den' artist RUBENS
'Happy Days' girl JOANIE
'In what way?'/Like overcooked steak/Possess/European capital on a gulf HOWTOUGHHAVERIGA
'Inglourious Basterds' org OSS
'S.N.L.' producer Michaels LORNE
'That's what she ___' SAID
'___ man!' BEA
96 for Big Ben, heightwise METRES
Alecto, Megaera or Tisiphone FURY
Anagram - and synonym - of 71-Across AYES
Any of the 'South Park' characters TOON
Bananas NUTSO
Beach homes? SEASHELLS
Brave group, informally? NLEAST
Bring up to speed CUEIN
British author who wrote 'The Old Devils' AMIS
Build up HYPE
Ca, Ce, Co or Cu ELEM
California roll ingredient CRAB
Campus attended by Elle in 'Legally Blonde' UCLA
Cheeky ARCH
Comedian Kevin HART
Common bar food WINGS
Complete reversal UTURN
Cross ROOD
Dating service datum AGE
Discharges EGESTS
Duke, e.g.: Abbr SCH
Euros replaced them LIRE
Eye shade HAZEL
Figures on some Valentine's Day cards CUPIDS
Film villain with prosthetic hands DRNO
First name in mysteries AGATHA
Forbes competitor INC
Foreheads BROWS
Former Oldsmobile model CIERA
Fred Flintstone's boss MRSLATE
French filmmaker who led the Cinéma Pur movement RENECLAIR
Get up ROUSE
Get whipped LOSE
Greatly desired objects GRAILS
Green light ASSENT
Growing art form? BONSAI
Halle Berry was once runner-up for this MISSUSA
Hanes competitor BVD
Have the lead STAR
Heavenly bodies? TENS
Hog's Head, in the Harry Potter books INN
Holes in shoes EYELETS
Hooligan/Strange/Silo contents THUGODDFODDER
Identify on Facebook TAG
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Islamic spirit JINN
It was satirized in 'Dr. Strangelove' COLDWAR
Jewish bread/Played, as a violin/Throw CHALLAHBOWEDHEAVE
Kind of blond ASH
Kind of blond SANDY
Kind of garden ZEN
Kind of mail HATE
Kindle purchase, in brief EMAG
Kiss's partner TELL
Last word of an annual holiday song SYNE
Less puzzling EASIER
Like a milquetoast WUSSY
Load bearer? HAMPER
Long-legged shorebird AVOCET
Made haste RUSHED
Make more intense, as colors VIVIFY
Marsh rodent WATERRAT
Memo opener INRE
Meringue ingredient EGG
Minnesota's St. ___ College OLAF
Narcs enforce them DRUGLAWS
Not post- PRE
Number by a door? CAROL
Número of Mexican states that border the U.S SEIS
Obama follower? CARE
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
One half of a 10-Down LEFT
One of the superheroes in 2012's 'The Avengers' THOR
One quarter of a quartet ALTO
Only non-U.S. M.L.B. team: Abbr TOR
Org. in 'The Sopranos' FBI
Pair of socks? ONETWO
Parisian possessive SES
Peace in the Middle East SALAAM
Plebiscite, e.g BALLOT
Ponder, with 'on' BROOD
Prepare to put back in the fridge, say REWRAP
President after Johnson GRANT
Prohibited TABOO
Rachel's firstborn, in the Bible JOSEPH
Rap mogul, briefly DRE
Reside/Savage/Puzzle (out)/Wash DWELLFIERCESUSSLAVE
Ring material CANVAS
Road block? JAM
Road starting at the Porta Capena APPIANWAY
Round of shots SALVO
Rush-hour subway rider, facetiously SARDINE
Sad news ASHAME
Scarf down INHALE
See 39-Across YEAS
Seed PIT
Shopping malls on Black Friday, e.g MECCAS
Some cameras, for short SLRS
Some shipping routes STRAITS
Some wide receiver routes SLANTS
Sound units BELS
Spend time in idle reverie MOON
Start of a children's rhyme BAABAA
Strange ALIEN
Strike concern PAY
Strip club fixture POLE
Subway systems METROS
Surpass BETTER
Symbol for ohms OMEGA
Tan line producer, maybe BRA
Three-time French Open champ LENDL
Tip of the tongue? ESE
Toyota rival/Measure of power/Insult HONDAWATTAFFRONT
Unite WED
What you get when you say 23-, 31-, 47-, 64-, 79- or 97-Across out loud BESTPICTUREWINNER
When Earth Day is celebrated: Abbr APR
Where a golf fairway transitions into a green APRON
Wildlife protector/Difficult/Hotel door feature WARDENHAIRYPEEPHOLE
Work for Plutarch, informally BIO
___ cloud (source of comets) OORT
___ Islas Filipinas LAS
___ nous ENTRE

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