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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

'Cloud Shepherd' sculptor JEANARP
'Do I have to?,' for one WHINE
'Funky Cold Medina' rapper TONELOC
'If I ___ ...' MAY
'Sweet' girl of song JANE
'The Raising of ___' (Rembrandt painting) LAZARUS
'Would you look at that!' GOLLY
'___ in '56' (old campaign button) IKE
'___ man can tether time or tide': Burns NAE
Abbr. on a business card EXT
Aldous Huxley's '___ and Essence' APE
Annual heavy metal tour OZZFEST
Assn ORG
Assn. with a '100 Years ... 100 Movies' list AFI
Avon competitor MARYKAY
Best Picture before '12 Years a Slave' ARGO
Beverage with a triangular logo BASSALE
Big name in browsers MOZILLA
Bleeth of 'Baywatch' YASMINE
Bygone Acura INTEGRA
Cash in a country bar ROSANNE
Certain movie house TRIPLEX
Common comedian's prop STOOL
Download from Apple IPADAPP
Egg maker OVARY
Extraterrestrial, e.g BEING
Ferocious Flea fighter, in cartoons ATOMANT
Gorp, e.g MIX
Have a dependency RELY
Japanese electronics giant FUJITSU
Key holder? MAP
Kicking oneself for RUING
Kindles, e.g READERS
Like some projects, for short DIY
Lurid nightspot GOGOBAR
Mercury's winged sandals TALARIA
Mesh with FITINTO
Musical title character who 'made us feel alive again' MAME
Non-Roman Caesar SID
Not entirely of one's own volition, say ONADARE
Occasionally ATTIMES
Ones with issues? PAPAS
Onetime 'Lifts and separates' sloganeer PLAYTEX
Outlook alternative AOLMAIL
Ox- tail? IDE
Parallel bars? UPCCODE
Parasite SPONGER
Parisian possessive ALUI
Party concerned with civil rights, briefly ANC
Person holding many positions YOGI
Piece of trash? JUNKART
Plantation machine BALER
Popular chip flavor BBQ
Pride : lion :: gang : ___ ELK
Producer of a hair-raising experience? ROGAINE
Rap type GANGSTA
Rowlands of 'A Woman Under the Influence' GENA
Slightly ahead UPONE
Sybill Trelawney, in the Harry Potter books SEERESS
Synthetic purplish colorant AZOBLUE
Tim Tebow, in college football GATOR
Took too many courses? OVERATE
Trapezius neighbor DELTOID
Trattoria specification ALDENTE
URL ender EDU
Vicks product ZZZQUIL
Welders' wear GOGGLES
What the Sup. Court interprets USLAW
Wife of Albert Einstein ELSA
Worked with PLIED
___ Street, London's onetime equivalent to New York's Wall Street LOMBARD

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