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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 29, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 29, 2014

Clue Answer
Poll Internet users on, perhaps CROWDSOURCE
Inn stock ALE
Code often used for take-home tests HONORSYSTEM
W. Coast airport one might think has poor security? LAX
Middle-earth baddie ORC
Short order? REG
Kiwi's companion MATE
Longtime N.F.L. coach whose name is French for "the handsome" LEBEAU
Ordinary person PLEB
Soprano Grist RERI
Neighbor of St. Kitts NEVIS
Symbol of sentimentality SYRUP
Anti-Mafia measure, briefly RICO
Eliot title surname BEDE
Budgetary concern CAP
Miss Julie composer, 1965 NEDROREM
Ray often seen over a range RACHAEL
As surplus TOSPARE
He played John Glenn in 1983 and John McCain in 2012 EDHARRIS
Bo Jackson was one in '89 MVP
Mideast's Gulf of ___ ADEN
Department store chain founder MACY
Like un bébé PETIT
Costa ___ RICAN
Whaler's direction? THAR
Angela Lansbury, e.g. DAME
Group sharing a culture ETHNOS
Year Bush was re-elected MMIV
Kroger alternative IGA
Mark, as a survey square XIN
Singer known as "La Divina" MARIACALLAS
Natural rock climber IVY
Words following an understatement ANDTHENSOME
Leaves on a trolley, say TEA
Don't worry ... RESTASSURED
In-flight calls? CHIRPS
Doc Savage portrayer RONELY
Cousin of a donkey ONAGER
Secured WON
One expected to get beaten DRUM
Cool red giant SSTAR
The world, to a go-getter? OYSTER
Mark the start of USHERIN
Travel option: Abbr. RTE
Word with wall or tower CELL
Football Hall-of-Famer Tunnell EMLEN
Juice source for a trendy drink ALOEVERA
Bo Jackson was one in '89 LARAIDER
Response to an insult EXCUSEME
Played like Bird or Trane BEBOPPED
Notable lifelong bachelor in U.S. history BUCHANAN
Player of Fin Tutuola on TV ICET
Host of 1950s TV's "Bank on the Stars" PAAR
Longtime Laker Lamar ODOM
Salon job PERM
Answer, quickly RSVP
Means of furtive escape REAREXIT
12-Down, often ADDITIVE
Neighbor of Georgia CHECHNYA
South Pacific girl LIAT
Political theorist Carl SCHMITT
Steinway competitor YAMAHA
Suitable job? TAILOR
Count me in IMGAME
Like big hair, often TEASED
ESPN analyst Garciaparra NOMAR
Sieves, in a way RICES
Not unhinged SANE
Relocation transportation VANS
Travel options: Abbr. RDS
Fighting Tigers' sch. LSU

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