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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 28, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 28, 2014

'Easy there, ___' TIGER
'We Three Kings of Orient Are,' e.g NOEL
1920s-'30s Ford output MODELAS
1960s TV's Cousin ___ ITT
21-/40-Down in Hollywood ACTRESSSELA
21-/40-Down on 1950s-'60s TV BEAVERSDAD
21-/40-Down to a doctor PATIENTAREA
21-/40-Down to a penologist PRISONWING
Adolf Hitler, e.g., according to a 1983 hoax DIARIST
Approval for un hombre SISENOR
Attacked RANAT
Bausch & ___ (eye-care brand) LOMB
Boutros-Ghali's successor as U.N. chief ANNAN
Bust ___ (laugh hard) ARIB
Carriage puller, in rural dialect HOSS
Certain soundboard knobs FADERS
Clarification lead-in IDEST
Compensates for OFFSETS
Cornered INATRAP
Depression Era architectural movement MODERNE
Diner or sleeper TRAINCAR
Disposable cup material STYRENE
Dugout, for one CANOE
Event at Victoria's Secret or Nordstrom BRASALE
Feed a line to again RECUE
Give an alias RETITLE
Golden, in Guadalajara DEORO
Good for planting ARABLE
H2O, to a tot WAWA
In the general vicinity NEARISH
It's mostly nitrogen AIR
Kitschy quality NOTASTE
Lift COP
Los Angeles's U.S.S. ___ Museum IOWA
Manage SEETO
Much of Brides magazine ADPAGES
Nearly perfect AMINUS
Not fast EAT
Ones who cry uncle? NEPHEWS
Orchestra section: Abbr STR
Parabola, for one ARC
Part of a spiral galaxy farthest from the center OUTERARM
Party request RSVP
Presidential advisory grp NSC
Pretenses FACADES
Query for clarification ISNTIT
Rations (out) METES
Retailer owned by Gap OLDNAVY
Rx overseer FDA
Screening org TSA
See 21-Down WARD
Some washers GES
Something a fund manager may manage, for short IRA
Something not seen on a nudist, maybe TANLINE
Stable color ROAN
This, in Tijuana ESTO
Toscanini, for one MAESTRO
Trashes RUINS
Wall St. operator ARB
What makes a top stop? ESS
Where most of Russia is ASIA
Wipes out ERASES
With 40-Down, how rain falls ... or a literal description of the answers to the four themed clues DOWN
Writer/ illustrator Silverstein SHEL
Yanks GIS
[as per the original] SIC
___ effort EFOR

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