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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

Clue Answer
Showing hopelessness ABJECT
West Side Story weapon SHIV
Do Not Call Registry org. FTC
Truckers' contest ROADEO
Colombian city of 2+ million CALI
Dig this! ORE
Libretto for "Eel Trovatore"? CONGERLINES
FEMA offering AID
Green-light OKAY
Want ad abbr. EEO
Lightning setting TAMPA
Microwave for hot dogs? FRANKZAPPER
Sequel to "Twilight" NEWMOON
90 degrees from sur OESTE
Sound of an allergic reaction ACHOO
___ factor ICK
Porter's cousin ALE
Actor Sheen after starting a new career in piano maintenance? CHARLIETHETUNER
Salem's ___ LOT
DVR brand RCA
Subject of King Abdullah SAUDI
Union station? ALTAR
Lacking the traditional comforts SPARTAN
One who knows the earnings report by heart? SALESQUOTER
Get the lead out? ERASE
Hauler's choice VAN
Once, quaintly ERST
Lucy of "The Man With the Iron Fists" LIU
Actor in a Mr. Potato Head costume? TUBERPLAYER
Gig part MEG
Scrape, in a way SKIN
Make bubbly AERATE
Wood used to make the original Stratocasters ASH
Neurosurgeons' readouts, for short EEGS
George's friend in "Of Mice and Men" LENNIE
Oil giant that's part of the Tesoro Corporation ARCO
Reserve BOOK
1998 Wimbledon champ Novotna JANA
Pushing the boundaries of propriety EDGY
Daycare center? CEE
Fighter in a ring TORERO
Descendant SCION
Solo on the big screen HAN
Land in la mer ILE
Prospects VISTAS
Bit of packaging detritus FOAMPEANUT
Horsefeathers TRIPE
Chest wood CEDAR
Like ostrich meat LEAN
Abbr. in some addresses APT
Hornswoggle FOOL
___ brothers, noted political donors KOCH
First name of the wolf in Disney's "The Big Bad Wolf" ZEKE
Salt, chemically NACL
Parrot ECHO
That is SO stupid! WHATALAUGH
Country on the Strait of Gibraltar: Abbr. MOR
Keep ___ secret ITA
Helen of Troy's mother LEDA
Hibernia ERIN
Early 2000s war zone IRAQ
Color similar to almond ECRU
Winter Palace resident TSAR
Political alliance of 1958: Abbr. UAR
___ Girls, 1957 musical comedy LES
Sub-Saharan menace TSETSE
Badge shape STAR
One who might have a collection of foreign stamps PENPAL
1965 civil rights march site SELMA
Curious, action-oriented sort, supposedly ARIES
Pizzeria needs OVENS
Pull in EARN
Romney's 2012 running mate RYAN
___ Institute, org. that makes use of the Allen Telescope Array SETI
Family ___ TREE
Relative of a cuatro, informally UKE
All over the news BIG
Victor at Chancellorsville LEE

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