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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 23, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 23, 2014

'Ow!' STAT
Abruptly becomes violet LOSESIT
Adds a little toe to TINCTS
Arc's target, maybe XTC
Arm from a Mideast lad UZI
Bad member to pick? SITAR
Be-___ HUR
Bled for a social affair, perhaps TEA
Bombs without bags DUDS
Bugled strokes MISCUES
Cagey parts, e.g ROLES
Caker, for example SORE
Car whose logo is liked? AUDI
Casio game BACCARAT
Chia growth area? PADDY
Covered with slug mud SULLIED
Covert, maybe BAPTIZE
Deadly gag MOB
Did a baker's job LENT
Doe, e.g POET
Dramatic cry from people who get subbed ETTU
Dramatically scored sorceress MEDEA
Easter floor mat TATAMI
Ed of some school addresses EDU
Ever lost to OWNED
First part of a hit for this crossword EACHCLUEIN
Fly of film ERROL
Fried with four legs PET
Gere of 'Gulliver's Travels' SATIRE
Grad's opposite DISMAL
Guy who may offer a girl a rig SUITOR
H.L. player GOALIE
Hardly ice outside FOUL
Hit, part 2 THEPUZZLE
Hit, part 3 ISMISSING
I pieces ASUNDER
Kat's 'I' ICH
Kid of poetic work ODE
Last part of the hit THELETTERN
Like a great bod AAA
Lives PEPS
Margarie might be described thus ERSATZ
Mesa prerequisite IQTEST
Metal worker's claim? ESP
Murray who's highly raked ANDY
Mystical chat MANTRA
Old rival of America TWA
Olympia with a watery realm SEAGOD
Part of a euro AXON
Perform peace ATONE
Pie cutter's tool ADZE
Places for sprigs BEDS
Plat pouch SAC
Pog or Pogs, formerly FAD
Product made by Moe FAUCET
Program that asks 'Are we aloe?,' for short SETI
Quiet parter? PEACE
Refusal from a boy lass NAE
Relative of 'Hey, ma' PSST
Sci-fi character remembered for her large bus LEIA
Slag for sleuths TECS
Sorters' quarters STY
Spas that last 52 wks YRS
Starts of some chorus lies TRAS
Strad part that becomes frayed SPLITEND
Tige, say BIT
Umber at the opera ARIA
User's circuit LAP
Vegas would love this type of world MEATFREE
Wet like a seesaw TEETERED
Wig of the old Greek army PHALANX
You might board yours at the keel if you take a cruise DOG

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