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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

'All the President's Men' figure DEEPTHROAT
'Burn Notice' grp CIA
'Dream' group in Barcelona in 1992 TEAMUSA
'The Killing' star Mireille ___ ENOS
1963 Pulitzer winner Leon EDEL
Actress Blanchett CATE
Bar necessities IDCARDS
Brand of bait pellets DCON
Buckled GAVE
Cache for cash, say HOMONYM
Counterpart of 'abu' IBN
Curiosity producer NASA
Cutting it ABLE
Danny of the Celtics AINGE
Director of the 2012 comedy 'This Is 40' APATOW
Do battle WAGEWAR
Doesn't just attract ENAMORS
Dos little words? TEAMO
Epic start PARTI
Esther of 'Good Times' ROLLE
First course selection DRIVER
Freeze HALT
G squared? MIL
Gets rounds around town? BARHOPS
Govt. project whose logo depicted a shield in space SDI
Guerra's opposite PAZ
It has billions of barrels SAUDIARABIA
It's KOH, chemically LYE
Juan's sweetheart AMIGA
Large part of some herds EWES
Like boors vis-à-vis gentlemen COARSER
Like many hipsters ARTY
Like some lobbies SKYLIT
Line to Jamaica in N.Y.C LIRR
Literally, 'fire bowl' HIBACHI
Masseur gratifier AAH
Member of a 'great' quintet LAKEONTARIO
Member of a Latin trio AMAT
Mideast president who wrote 'The Battle for Peace,' 1981 EZERWEIZMAN
Monarchial support ROYALISM
Mounted below the surface of SETINTO
Occasion to do a late shift?: Abbr DST
Old White House nickname IKE
One may tell a conductor to slow down TRAINSIGNAL
Parts of kingdoms PHYLA
Pie hole TRAP
Queen of Thebes, in myth INO
QuickTime or RealPlayer format option MPEG
Raise crops on the Plains, maybe DRYFARM
Regulus A and Bellatrix BSTARS
Replicator, e.g GENE
Sashimi selection AHI
Screen entertainers with many gigs? IPADS
See 58-Across RUN
Show fear of QUAILAT
Snarky sound HEH
So-called 'Helen of the West Indies' STLUCIA
Something that goes from a pit to your stomach? BBQSANDWICH
Sound of a slug BAM
Spotmatic, e.g., briefly SLR
T. S. of literature GARP
Trip up? FLIGHT
Try to pull off, say YANKON
Unhelpful reply to 'How did you do that?' ITSMAGIC
Walt Disney Concert Hall designer FRANKGEHRY
With 59-Across, race that's not very competitive FUN
___ Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro SAO
___ rock (some George Harrison music) RAGA
___-Boy LAZ

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