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New York Times Crossword Answer - Aug 20, 2014

'As seen ___' ONTV
'Don't worry about me' IMOK
'Hel-l-l-lp!' SOS
'Julius,' e.g., in Gaius Julius Caesar NOMEN
'Just ___ expected' ASI
'My Way' lyricist ANKA
'Sadly ...' IFEAR
'What's the ___ in that?' HARM
*'Invest With Confidence' firm TROWEPRICE
*'It's Gonna Be Me' group NSYNC
*Astronomical red giant SSTAR
*Best-selling novelist who wrote the children's poetry volume 'Father Goose' LFRANKBAUM
*Fare for those 17 and up RRATEDMOVIE
*The Boss's backup musicians ESTREETBAND
Abbr. in a birth announcement LBS
Air freshener scent LILAC
Almost to the outfield wall DEEP
Anticipate FORESEE
Aroma NOSE
Autograph seeker's encl SAE
Black keys, in some key signatures FLATS
Brand known as Dreyer's in the West EDYS
Cheese that's often grated ASIAGO
Cries of surprise OHS
First name in mysteries ERLE
Fr. holy women STES
G.M.'s Mary Barra, beginning in 2014 CEO
Game in which pieces can be forked CHESS
Gives the evil eye GLARES
Google Earth offering MAP
Hedy of 'Ecstasy' LAMARR
Hot spot SCENE
Imam's Almighty ALLAH
Land on the eastern Mediterranean SYRIA
Like the initial letters of the answers to the six starred clues, on 'Wheel of Fortune' FREE
Like the number 8, to the Chinese LUCKY
Liszt piece RHAPSODY
Lunes or martes DIA
Many Astounding Stories cover subjects ALIENS
Masthead listings, for short EDS
Mer contents EAU
Name that's Old Norse for 'young man' SVEN
No-tell motel meetings TRYSTS
One to admire CLASSACT
Org. with a no-shoes policy? TSA
Plain People AMISH
Publicist's handout RELEASE
Resistor unit OHM
Road signs may warn of them ESSES
Rose Bowl stadium sch UCLA
Runoff conduit SEWER
Sale item attachment REDTAG
Schumer of Comedy Central AMY
Shudder at ABHOR
Snacked NOSHED
Spaniard's 'these' ESTAS
Start of a magic incantation ABRA
Start to grunt? HARDG
Steal the show from UPSTAGE
Subj. for U.S. citizens-to-be ESL
Subject of a search on Mars LIFE
Swelled heads EGOS
Symbol of authority FIST
Tabloid paper, slangily RAG
Things Coke and Pepsi have: Abbr TMS
Top of a platter SIDEA
Tyler of 'Stealing Beauty' LIV
Umlaut half DOT
Wasabi ___ (bar snack) PEAS
Watered down WEAK
Wearer of a natural wool coat EWE
Wheel part RIM
Whistler in the kitchen TEAKETTLE
Windblown soil LOESS
Work tables? BUS
Worth mentioning OFNOTE
___ Offensive of 1968 TET

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