September 20 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"London Fields" writer MartinAMIS
"Monday Night Football" airer before ESPNABCSPORTS
"Today" rival, familiarlyGMA
"Want the light __ not?"ONOR
"You Don't Join Us, We Join You" insurance companyAETNA
"__ See for Miles": The WhoICAN
Abound (with)TEEM
Arctic coveringICECAP
Astronomer SaganCARL
Balance precariouslyTEETER
Basic two-element computationBINARYOPERATION
Beethoven's ThirdEROICA
Big name in PCsACER
Building guidelineSPEC
Bulb that's more sweet than pungentBERMUDAONION
Car stat with city and hwy. componentsMPG
Car wash extraWAX
Cartoon frameCEL
Chisel's cutting edgeBEZEL
Company with "save you 15%" adsGEICO
Concern for a marketing departmentPUBLICRELATIONS
Contest submissionENTRY
Crow's cryCAW
Deleted, with "out"XED
Disdainful clicksTSKS
Drive-__ windowTHRU
Duke or duchessNOBLE
Elongated comet partTAIL
Fairy tale bruteOGRE
Fed a line toCUED
Fish-fowl linkNOR
Forgetful person literally indicated by this puzzle's circlesSCATTERBRAIN
French name meaning "born again"RENEE
From Thailand, sayASIAN
Fundraising portmanteauWALKATHON
Goal-oriented suburban parent?SOCCERMOM
Good-sized backyardACRE
Grind, as teethGNASH
Hasbro game requiring quick reflexesBOPIT
Helps illegallyABETS
Hesitation soundsUMS
Ignore the limitSPEED
Justice Dept. divisionDEA
Late with one's paymentsINARREARS
Like morning grassDEWY
Like old recordsMONO
Like thick fogDENSE
Lingering looksGAZES
Lipton pouchesTEABAGS
Loudness unitsSONES
Many Mideast nativesARABS
Metal-marking toolSCRIBER
Mexican pyramid builderAZTEC
Museum managerCURATOR
Needle bearersPINES
Nevada city near TahoeRENO
Not connected to the churchSECULAR
One of the Galápagos, e.g.: AbbrISL
Passover crackerMATZO
Prez in a stovepipe hatABE
Quarterback DawsonLEN
Renewable fuel made from organic matterBIOGAS
Serengeti grazerGNU
Spa treatmentPEEL
Tokyo, long agoEDO
Type of TV displayLCD
Wade noisilySLOSH