October 9 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Death of a Salesman" salesman WillyLOMAN
"Hawaii __": TV cop showFIVEO
"Piece of cake!"EASY
"Please leave your message at the __"TONE
"The Accidental Tourist" actress DavisGEENA
"__ Cross": 1949 Lancaster movieCRISS
"__ not up to me"ITS
911 situation: AbbrEMER
Abysmal gradesEFS
Actress SkyeIONE
Beast of burdenASS
Buster who played Flash GordonCRABBE
CIA cousinNSA
Cold War state: AbbrSSR
Continuing storiesSERIALS
Convened againREMET
Courage and fortitudeMETTLE
Dashboard music providerCARSTEREO
Dips for tortilla chipsSALSAS
Disney doeENA
Done in, as a dragonSLAIN
First lady after MichelleMELANIA
Friend's oppositeENEMY
From the States: AbbrAMER
Golfer TrevinoLEE
Heaps praise onLAUDS
Hot chili designation, and a literal description of the starts of 17-, 25-, 35- and 51-AcrossFOURALARM
Huge, in verseENORM
Illegal lending tacticUSURY
Kick out of officeOUST
Literary twistIRONY
Minor point to pickNIT
Opinion pieceESSAY
Oral health orgADA
Overhead trainsELS
Part of GPS: AbbrSYS
Passover feastSEDER
PBS "Science Guy" BillNYE
Place for a new-car priceSTICKER
Pre-talkies movieSILENTFILM
Real dooziesLULUS
Refers casually (to)ALLUDES
Round green veggiePEA
Sharp comebackRETORT
Singing syllableTRA
Small winds paired with drumsFIFES
Soft-shell clamSTEAMER
Spotted wildcatLEOPARD
Start of a tennis pointSERVE
Suffix with dietETIC
Sunday serviceMASS
Swoosh companyNIKE
T-bone, for oneSTEAK
Time-out for a cigaretteSMOKEBREAK
Turkish travel sheltersIMARETS
Type of cleansing acidBORIC
Unwise act that could be dangerousFALSEMOVE
Upper crust groupsELITES
Very soonANYDAY
Video game pioneerATARI
Vitally importantKEY
Wee hrsAMS
Williams of tennisSERENA
Winning at craps, sayONAROLL
Wrath, in a hymnIRAE
Yellow-disked flowersDAISIES
Z, alphabet-wiseEND