November 9 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Fasten your seatbelts"HEREWEGO
"Now it makes sense"ISEE
"Shame on you!"TSK
"Swell suggestion!"NEATIDEA
22-Across levelTIER
Actors memorize themLINES
After-school orgPTA
Bedrock wifeWILMA
Big name in facial scrubsOLAY
Bud's partnerLOU
Calisthenics movementBEND
Cereal componentBRAN
Change, as a motionAMEND
Chevy subcompactAVEO
Chew outSCOLD
Colander cousinSIEVE
Cracks upLAUGHS
Creatures of habit?NUNS
Easy-peasy taskSNAP
Egg onURGE
Energetic mountSTEED
Euros replaced themLIRE
Exclude from the listOMIT
Extreme careKIDGLOVES
Feeling blueGLUM
Finnish telecommunications companyNOKIA
Forensics facilityCRIMELAB
Forum robesTOGAS
German trick-taking card gameSKAT
He's a dollKEN
Headed upLED
Illustrator's close-upINSET
Infuriated withMADAT
It may be a bad signOMEN
Lawmaker's rejectionNAY
Like Mars, visuallyRED
Lindsay of "Freaky Friday"LOHAN
London co-creator of the International Plant Names IndexKEWGARDENS
Meryl's "it's Complicated" co-starALEC
N.L. mascot whose head is a large baseballMRMET
Neighbor of NorSWED
Nest egg lettersIRA
Nowhere near coolDORKY
Numbers gameSUDOKU
Old Testament foodMANNA
One-named supermodelIMAN
Pasta tubesPENNE
Perlman of "Cheers"RHEA
Picnic soft drinkCOLA
Points of viewANGLES
Pro shop bagfulTEES
Puzzle (out)SUSS
Reckless act instigatorDARE
Riddle-ending questionWHATAMI
Screenwriter EphronNORA
Shade lighter than jadeKELLYGREEN
Shrewd ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answersCAGEY
Shrubs with lavender bloomsLILACS
Skip a turnPASS
Sleeping giantSERTA
Sneaks a lookPEEKS
Soil-related prefixAGRO
St. Teresa's townAVILA
Storybook elephantBABAR
Super-strong adhesive brandKRAZYGLUE
Sushi bar brewsSAKES
Tach readingRPM
Target Field, e.gSTADIUM
Traffic alertHONK
Use as a sourceCITE
Violin protectorCASE
Welcomed at the doorSAWIN
Witty BombeckERMA
Words starting a confessionILLADMIT
__ Kan pet foodsKAL
__ ScotiaNOVA