November 27 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Always by their side" orgUSO
"American Graffiti" directorGEORGELUCAS
"At Wit's End" author BombeckERMA
"But of course!"WHYYES
"College GameDay" numberSTAT
"Do __?"IDARE
"He loves me" piecesPETALS
"Leaving Las Vegas" co-starSHUE
"That's a fact!"NOLIE
"Un Ballo in Maschera" ariaERITU
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winnerTUTU
Action film propsUZIS
Albéniz piano workIBERIA
Ancient manuscriptsPAPYRI
Athlete's supplementENERGYBAR
Bar menu headingREDS
Big shoes to fill?EEE
Big wheel's wheelsROLLS
Biker's headgear, maybeDORAG
Birthday card rack subsectionNIECE
Blade holderSHEATH
Breakfast itemSAUSAGELINK
Broadway director's concernSTAGELIGHTING
Bus station compartmentSTORAGELOCKER
Café orderAULAIT
Catcher on the rangeLASSO
Category including spacing and marginsPAGELAYOUT
Cause to fluctuateSWAY
Champagne flute featureSTEM
Coil on a reelHOSE
Collie collar danglersIDTAGS
Colorful pet store purchaseTETRA
Comparison wordsASAN
Construction site sightCONE
Cookie shaped like two of its lettersOREO
Craftsman outdoor toolsEDGERS
Curbside check-in freebieLUGGAGELABEL
Decorates mischievously, for shortTPS
Decorative outdoor fixtureCARRIAGELAMP
Director Allen who was dubbed the "Master of Disaster"IRWIN
Early gaming nameATARI
Elevated lines?ODE
Fail to shareHOG
French royalROI
From around hereLOCAL
Generous offerONME
Godiva alternativeLINDT
Gridiron figureYARDAGE
Handled bagTOTE
Heads and tailsCALLS
Heavy refOED
Home of Heartland of America ParkOMAHA
Hot times abroadETES
How many raises are givenYEARLY
Illegal mil. statusAWOL
Instrument that doesn't need tuningKAZOO
Internet connectivity annoyanceLAG
IPA componentALE
Irish lullaby startTOORA
Ketch pairMASTS
Kolkata's localeASIA
Lack of continuityGAP
Latin 101 verbAMAS
Leave, with "off"TAKE
Left hangingSTOODUP
Legendary prophetSIBYL
Let it all outVENT
Lifetime chumOLDPAL
Like some speeches, it seemsENDLESS
Linney of "The Savages"LAURA
Look daggers (at)GLARE
Looked forSOUGHT
Macbeth, when the play beganTHANE
Mannerless sortBOOR
Mason of "The Goodbye Girl"MARSHA
Masonry mixtureMORTAR
Mental wherewithalACUMEN
Mideast president elected the same year as the younger BushASSAD
Mind matterIDEA
Minimum-range tideNEAP
Musical with the song "Willkommen"CABARET
Mutual agreementTRUCE
National Bike MonthMAY
Not at allHARDLY
Not just bargainDICTATE
One way to get dinnerTOGO
Outdoor clothing entrepreneur EddieBAUER
Paddock parentSIRE
Paper or plasticBAG
Period of timeSPELL
Petty of "A League of Their Own"LORI
Poker pro's concernODDS
Poseidon, e.gSEAGOD
Presidential nicknameABE
River in SpainRIO
Room accessHALL
Ruffle feathers, so to speakMAKEMAD
Seemingly can't loseISHOT
Serious trendRAGE
Serving on a jury, e.gCIVICDUTY
Shaggy-haired bovineYAK
Short bond?MUNI
Site of the Princess Margaret StakesASCOT
Sits on the lineDRIES
Something to shoot forPAR
Sonic Dash publisherSEGA
Sound of the NorthwestPUGET
Sports statisticWIN
Sports venueARENA
Started war?DEALT
Styling product hidden in eight long puzzle answersGEL
Sun blockerDRAPE
Surprise in a skitADLIB
Swindle, in slangRIP
They may be crackedCODES
Throw a feast forREGALE
Tiling job supplyGROUT
Till stackONES
Training routinesREGIMENS
Transfer to a new city, brieflyRELO
TV awareness-raiserPSA
Udon cousinSOBA
Vehicle usage recordMILEAGELOG
Waterman productPEN
Weather the stormCOPE
Work on a courseEAT
Yankee manager before GirardiTORRE
Zero out, sayRESET
Zin kinCAB