November 21 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Anna Karenina" novelistLEOTOLSTOY
"Can't Fight This Feeling" band __ SpeedwagonREO
"I don't __ you anything!"OWE
"It can be __ little secret"OUR
1999 Winona Ryder drama set in a mental hospitalGIRLINTERRUPTED
Actor SharifOMAR
Advocacy group descriptorSPECIALINTEREST
Apple juice eponymMOTT
Archery bow woodYEW
Bath-loving MuppetERNIE
Bathroom barsSOAPS
Bathroom stall fastenerLATCH
Bowling venueALLEY
Bread with tikka masalaNAAN
Coffee-mate competitorCREMORA
Color similar to khakiTAN
Date, with "with"GOOUT
Debate issueTOPIC
Decathlon eventJAVELINTHROW
Disruptive forum commenterTROLL
Dog that bit Miss GulchTOTO
Droopy-eared poochSPANIEL
Dryer screen used to "catch" a hidden word in 16-, 22-, 51- and 60-Across?LINTTRAP
Every last bitALL
Farm femaleEWE
First Bond movieDRNO
Florida senator MarcoRUBIO
Freeway haulerSEMI
Gerund syllableING
Gibbon, e.gAPE
Hole in one's storyGAP
Insert with forceRAMIN
Jefferson, religiouslyDEIST
Kathmandu's countryNEPAL
Kia headquarters citySEOUL
Last Supper traitorJUDAS
Like old watchesANALOG
Lip-__: mouth the wordsSYNCH
Lucy of "Elementary"LIU
Lyft alternativeUBER
Martians, e.g., for shortETS
Mighty Dog shelfmateALPO
Morning moistureDEW
Old-fashioned clothes presserFLATIRON
One in MontréalUNE
Period often named for a leaderERA
Pool stickCUE
Pub projectileDART
Pyramid scheme, e.gSCAM
Quite some timeAGES
Raise a stinkGRIPE
Remove from powerOUST
Rewards for early birds?WORMS
Roster entriesNAMES
Salma Hayek or Sofia VergaraLATINA
Short-lived fashionsFADS
Stylish vigorELAN
Supermarket walkwayAISLE
Swelled headEGO
Tend to a simmering sauceSTIR
Tennis venueCOURT
Toss inADD
Two-dimensional calculationsAREAS
URL openerHTTP
Wander from the pathSTRAY
Wiggled digitsTOES
Zagreb nativeCROAT
__ roll: winningONA