May 24 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Anchors __"AWEIGH
"Don't Let __ Lonely Tonight": James TaylorMEBE
"I give!"UNCLE
"I __ thought of that"HADNT
"Listen to me!"LOOKHERE
"No great shakes"MEH
"TED Radio Hour" broadcasterNPR
"The Reader" actress LenaOLIN
*Catchall phraseANDOTHERS
*Guacamole sourceAVOCADOTREE
*Martial arts maneuverJUDOTHROW
*Submarine weapon launcherTORPEDOTUBE
Actress HagenUTA
Beijing-born Bond villainDRNO
Bespectacled friend of Snow WhiteDOC
Bun or beehiveUPDO
Carrier to CairoEGYPTAIR
Choir voicesALTOS
Cleanup hitter's statRBI
Country that shares a 3,300-mile border with ArgentinaCHILE
Crayola shade similar to Atomic TangerineNEONCARROT
Croque madame meatHAM
Crumb carriersANTS
Disparaging remarkSLUR
Early Yucatán dwellerMAYA
East, in MunichOST
Eye candyHOTTIE
Family name of three popesORSINI
Find a place forUSE
General vicinityAREA
Greek leader?ALPHA
Illuminated like some domed structuresTOPLIT
iPhone talkerSIRI
Justice KaganELENA
Keats and YeatsPOETS
Laser pointer chaserCAT
Leaves for socials?TEA
Legal professionBAR
Magic spellMOJO
Makes sense of a situation ... and, literally, what the quartet of answers to starred clues doesCONNECTSTHEDOTS
Mary Kay rivalAVON
Mocha's landYEMEN
Morales of "NYPD Blue"ESAI
Much-used baseTEN
Needed a massageACHED
Not fancy at allDETEST
Often hoppy brewALE
Parts of heartsATRIA
Praline piecePECAN
Prof.'s degreePHD
Pyeongchang's peninsulaKOREA
Quiet time at day careNAP
Red Cross supplyPLASMA
Rehab hurdleDTS
Satisfied sighsAAHS
Short shirtTEE
Skunk River stateIOWA
Small battery sizeAAA
Snarky expressionsSNEERS
Subject of the musical "Mayor"EDKOCH
Swampy groundMIRE
Sweater, usuallyKNIT
They're sometimes feltHATS
Told too often, as a jokeOLD
Vote of supportYEA
Wahine welcomeALOHA
Wordless whisperPSST
Works on one's plumagePREENS
Wound coveringSCAB