March 27 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... __, mean, fightin' machine!": John Candy in "Stripes"ALEAN
"Brokeback Mountain" actorQUAID
"C'est magnifique!"OOHLALA
"Dinosaur Train" watcherTOT
"Ghost" psychic __ Mae BrownODA
"Jamie" readerFOODIE
"Perched upon __ of Pallas": "The Raven"ABUST
"Real love __ me through": Steve Winwood lyricTOPULL
"Return of the Jedi" dancerOOLA
"Well, __-di-dah!"LAH
1986 Starship chart-topperSARA
1994 film set on a busSPEED
43,560 square feetACRE
6, on a phoneMNO
Absolutely no oneNOTASOUL
Adored speakerBOSE
Advanced math deg., in CanadaMSC
Aldi supermarket juice brand that translates to "river of gold"RIODORO
Apprehensive ofFEARING
Art opening?POP
Astronomer CelsiusANDERS
Author RandAYN
Award-winning courtroom dramaLALAW
Bad avian omen in much mythologyCROW
Bagel topperLOX
Bard's "always"EER
Be on a role?ACT
Be tearfully grateful about comfy shoes?CRYONTHECROCS
Bone: PrefOSTE
Brazil map wordSAO
Breakfast morselOAT
Cabinet deptAGR
Carbohydrate endingOSE
Carrier with a Shanghai hubAIRCHINA
Chesapeake Bay feederPOTOMAC
Civil War prezABE
Co-star of "Suspect"CHER
Confine, as on a farmPENIN
Defense secretary before PanettaGATES
Digitally endorsedESIGNED
Dip ingredientsONIONS
Double without a seatbelt?UNSECUREDCLONE
Dyes used for blue jeansINDIGOS
Earth pigmentSIENNA
Elevator innovatorOTIS
Exclusive editing websites?WIKICLIQUES
Fairy tale openerONCE
Film monster at a construction site?CRANEOFTERROR
Fizzy prefixAER
Former "Daily Show" correspondent SamanthaBEE
Franklin writingsESSAYS
French pen nameBIC
Game with a ropeCLUE
Garden center bulk purchase?CASEOFSPADES
Gerard Trenité poem about eccentricities of English pronunciationTHECHAOS
Go beforePRECEDE
Govt. intel orgNSA
Greek vowelETA
Groups of bats or beaversCOLONY
Hamlet's friendHORATIO
Historic metropolitan districtOLDTOWN
Hold upROB
Home of Humayun's TombDELHI
iCal entryAPPT
Iraqi portBASRA
Junk food, in adsSNAX
Kitchen topLID
Large furniture chainASHLEY
Looks up toADMIRES
Machine shop toolSHAPER
Maker of Cage golf shoesECCO
Matching tops worn togetherTWINSET
Miss piggy?SOW
Most Grinch-likeMEANEST
Most stableSANEST
Munich lamentACH
Nook downloadsEBOOKS
Northernmost freshwater fishARCTICCHAR
Not dressyCASUAL
Obi-Wan's attireROBE
Observed, maybeSATIN
Off the beaten pathAFIELD
Ones having a biteEATERS
Org. for marksmenNRA
Part of PST: AbbrSTD
Peat moss heist?NURSERYCRIME
Plane staffCREW
Prefix with portHELI
Puts in rollersSETS
Qatar localeNEAREAST
Quantities like mass and volumeSCALARS
Reason to call the landlordNOHEAT
Recipe wordsADASH
Riot squad sprayMACE
Sgts. and cplsNCOS
Slow movementADAGIO
Smooch from SofíaBESO
Something in the airNITROGEN
Spanish eyeOJO
Spew outEGEST
Sticks often with curved topsCANES
Subject for DumbledoreALCHEMY
Summer moJUL
Tax audit needs: AbbrRCPTS
Telethon commitmentsPLEDGES
They were introduced to Western pop music during the British InvasionSITARS
Time, e.g., brieflyMAG
Title of honorSIR
Tofu sourceSOYA
Transform, in sci-fiMORPH
Tree in a trayBONSAI
Trumpet soundWAWA
Type of engine or oilTWOCYCLE
UMass's conferenceATEN
Unrestricted rulerDESPOT
Update the machineryRETOOL
Ursa Minor starPOLARIS
Vietnam's last emperor Bao __DAI
What "comes but once in a lifetime": LongfellowYOUTH
WWII German minesweeperRBOAT
Yet againANEW
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stoneLIA
__ gardenZEN
__ instinctGUT
__ peaceINNER