March 24 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"I gotta run!"SEEYA
"You __ Destiny"AREMY
"__ Mir Bist Du Schoen": Andrews Sisters hitBEI
1980s-'90s gaming consoleNES
A round of 73, usuallyONEOVERPAR
Aerosol targetsODORS
Animal in the Chinese zodiacRAT
Art major's subjANAT
Billy and Minnie on a road?SUNDAYDRIVER
Brand with classic "beep beep" commercialsAAMCO
Bremen or Hamburg, locallySTADT
Campus breezeEASYA
Capt.'s directionESE
Cause harmDOILL
Circus Maximus attireTOGAS
Clay crockOLLA
Come outEMERGE
Composer BartókBELA
Craggy crestTOR
Cricket equipmentBATS
Cut and paste, sayEDIT
Derisive shoutJEER
Dijon deityDIEU
Dorm deputies: AbbrRAS
Eddie and Arsenio in a concert venue?ALBERTHALL
Eellike fishLAMPREY
Europe's highest volcanoETNA
Exam typeORAL
Expressed disdain forTSKED
Fall flowerASTER
Family memberSON
Fast-food orderSODA
Feud factionCLAN
Fragrant hybridTEAROSE
Golden calf maker, in ExodusAARON
Good budBRO
Guess wrongERR
Hot stuff?LOOT
i followerPAD
i followerPOD
It might be a big benefitGALA
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: AbbrSTE
Joie de vivreELAN
Karen and Adam on a hill?CARPENTERANT
Muzzle wearer, probablyBITER
Nicks on albumsSTEVIE
Nile threatsASPS
Often photogenic eventSUNRISE
One way to get backstageVIPPASS
Pizza chain started in Chicago, informallyUNOS
Pond denizenNEWT
Property recipient, in lawALIENEE
Pub orderALE
Rattling soundCLACK
Rich and Chris in a capital?LITTLEROCK
River islandAIT
Second-deepest U.S. lakeTAHOE
See 44-AcrossBABA
Settled downALIT
Some honored Brits: AbbrKNTS
Starting stakesANTES
Three-syllable footDACTYL
To the manor bornNOBLE
Trading centerMART
Use a divining rodDOWSE
Vida and John in a ballpark?BLUEJAY
With 1-Across, woodcutter who stole from thievesALI
Worked in a salonSTYLED
__ firmaTERRA