March 22 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Divine Secrets of the __ Sisterhood"YAYA
"Miracle on 34th Street" actor EdmundGWENN
"Puss in Boots" baddieOGRE
"Slammin'" slugger SammySOSA
"SNL" producer MichaelsLORNE
"That's all she __"WROTE
"__ Lama Ding Dong": doo-wop hitRAMA
13 popesLEOS
Akimbo limbsARMS
Author __ Stanley GardnerERLE
Baby bottle partsNIPPLES
Be homesick (for)YEARN
Bear shelterLAIR
Bobby of the BruinsORR
Bottom-line red inkNETLOSS
Cooper of shock rockALICE
Corned beef solutionBRINE
Corrosive stuffACID
Count for somethingRATE
Country legend Tennessee Ernie __FORD
Cusack or CrawfordJOAN
Darkest lunar phaseNEWMOON
Embarrassing slip-upsGAFFES
Flipping burgers, e.gMCJOB
Fond du __, WisconsinLAC
Furniture maker, e.gWOODWORKER
Geeky typeDWEEB
German thanksDANKE
Gradually exhaustWEARDOWN
Grain in some cakesRICE
Great, in show bizSOCKO
Helpful staffersAIDES
Highly respectedEMINENT
Husband of 1-AcrossHERR
Ice cream helpingSCOOP
Infamous vampire, familiarlyDRAC
It may be furrowedBROW
Korean carmakerKIA
Like Lady Godiva on horsebackNUDE
Like taffyCHEWY
Magazine fillersADS
Meryl of "The Iron Lady"STREEP
Nixed, at NASANOGO
Now, in Nuevo LeónAHORA
Ogden Nash specialty, and a hint to this puzzle's circlesWORDPLAY
One of seven for Julia Louis-DreyfusEMMY
One's selfEGO
Part of a progressionSTEP
Pick a fight (with)ARGUE
Piercing toolAWL
Pre-euro Italian moneyLIRA
Restaurant reviewerFOODWRITER
Rising air currentUPDRAFT
Salon taskBLOWDRY
Salon taskRINSE
Shortstop's realmINFIELD
Sign of the futureOMEN
Signaled yesesNODS
Singer GarfunkelART
Skin growthWART
Some school uniform partsSKIRTS
Superdome NFLerSAINT
Sylvester's speech problemLISP
Teamed, as oxenYOKED
Victorious shoutIWON
Wheels for the well-heeledLIMO
Where billions liveASIA
Wife of 25-DownFRAU
__-man bandONE