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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Solutions - Aug 19, 2014

"Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself" gp ACLU
"Krazy" comics feline KAT
"That's the spot" AAH
'50s political slogan name IKE
17th-century New England settler PURITAN
1984 Prince hit PURPLERAIN
40-Across postings RATES
Acidity nos PHS
Acquire, as debts INCUR
Airplane __: cellphone setting MODE
Anger IRE
Anti-rodent brand DCON
Attaches, as patches IRONSON
Author Gardner ERLE
Baby seal PUP
Ballet bend PLIE
Bustle ADO
Cab ride cost FARE
Complete dolt TOTALIDIOT
Contributes for a joint gift CHIPSIN
Courtroom panelist JUROR
Curtain hanger ROD
Dates SEES
Dead Sea discovery SCROLL
Door-controlling sensor ELECTRICEYE
DVD player error message NODISC
El Al home: Abbr ISR
Entices TEMPTS
Error-removal aid ERASER
Et __: and others ALIA
Exec's "Now!" ASAP
First name in makeup ESTEE
For fear that LEST
Former Ford autos, briefly MERCS
Gets married WEDS
Gold rush figures MINERS
In and of itself PERSE
Kentucky Derby action BET
Lago filler AGUA
Language of Southeast Asia LAO
Like many NFL replays SLOMO
Like very familiar jokes OLD
Many a Syrian ARAB
Me, to Matisse MOI
Mello Yello rival MOUNTAINDEW
Melons with wrinkly rinds CASABAS
Messy type SLOB
More in need of cleaning DIRTIER
One-one, for one TIE
Overly affected TOOTOO
Overnight stopping place INN
Painted setting behind stage actors, or what the ends of 17-, 21-, 33-, 42- and 54-Across can literally have BACKDROP
Parking space SPOT
Planet with the most moons JUPITER
Pod vegetable OKRA
Pop singer Lisa LOEB
Purina rival IAMS
Put in order SORT
Recipient of much Apr. mail IRS
Repeated musical accompaniment RIFF
Resort near Ventura OJAI
Road crew goo TAR
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Smith, to Abigail Adams MAIDENNAME
Spanish month MES
Start serving customers OPEN
Stuffy room need FRESHAIR
Takes for a ride SCAMS
Tip holder JAR
Traditional New Year's Day procession ROSEPARADE
UFO navigators, so they say ETS
Unspecified number ANY
Uses Avis, say RENTS
Very dry ARID
Viscount's superior EARL
Works for People, perhaps EDITS
XING sign critter DEER
Your and my OUR

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