L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 6, 2015

Clue Answer
"Honest!" SOHELPME
"The Lion King" hero SIMBA
"Who is John Galt?" writer Rand AYN
"__ the fruited plain!" ABOVE
2012 Affleck thriller ARGO
Arch-like letter OMEGA
Assigned amount of work LOAD
Baby barn critter OWLET
Barking up the wrong tree, e.g IDIOM
Bean in Hollywood ORSON
Beer seller's concern AGE
Biggest of three '50s-'60s TV brothers HOSS
Brand used in cones EDYS
Breakfast brand EGGO
Bring around WINOVER
Caribou kin ELK
Circus performers ACROBATS
Clothing giant Bauer EDDIE
Comedy club road sign? CHUCKLEAHEAD
Conspiracy theory subj UFO
Cost of bread? ATMFEE
December purchase FIR
Delano : FDR :: __ : Garfield ABRAM
Digression to a cabbie? PASSENGERASIDE
Discontinued depilatory NEET
Distaste for jury duty? TRIALAVERSION
Doctors' agreement? MEDICINEAMEN
Drag one's feet on the gangplank? SHUFFLEABOARD
Drag strip sound ROAR
Early solution for bad weather ARK
Electrical measure AMPERE
Emperor after Claudius NERO
Equal PEER
Female gamete OVUM
First European to sail to India DAGAMA
Fitness promoter born of French immigrants LALANNE
Four Seasons alternative OMNI
From Quito, say ANDEAN
Fully assuage SATE
Get control of TAME
Harassed BESET
Hardly within shouting distance AFAR
Has the __ hand UPPER
Heads up RISES
Hill worker SENATOR
Holds OWNS
How DVDs may be sold ASASET
Immoral profit LUCRE
In a new way AFRESH
In an atmosphere of AMID
Island band The __ Men BAHA
It may be residential AREA
Italian wine region ASTI
Keeper, in a big way PACKRAT
Kid stuff TOYS
King with fiddlers COLE
Kitchen protection MITT
Kitten's "Got milk?" MEW
Knife-like ridge ARETE
Kvetch CAVIL
Layered rock GNEISS
Less soggy DRIER
Like moccasins SLIPON
Like potatoes pre-prep UNPEELED
Little patience testers IMPS
Livestock lady EWE
Locomotive output PUFF
Low-maintenance plants CACTI
Luxury Swiss watch RADO
Magnifies ENHANCES
McPhee's job, in a 2005 film NANNY
Mekong River language LAO
Mollusks with beaks OCTOPI
Move furtively SIDLE
Neurofeedback readout EEG
New Providence port NASSAU
No. on a bill ACCT
Nostalgia source OLDIE
Nurse Barton CLARA
O'Neill's "__ Christie" ANNA
Offensive smell STENCH
Online exchange IMS
Opponent FOE
Original PRIMAL
Oxford mark SCUFF
Pacific weather event TYPHOON
Paid leader? PRE
Paintball cry IMHIT
Party co-founded by Arafat FATAH
Petting zoo call BAA
Piece of farmland ACRE
Pipe smoker's gadget TAMP
Political employees AIDES
Pre-1868 Tokyo EDO
Pre-Columbian people INCAS
Printer spec DPI
Prize for the fastest delivery? MATERNITYAWARD
Red River capital HANOI
Refuge for a frequent flier? COTE
River through Orléans LOIRE
Road race city LEMANS
Rock genre EMO
Runner's bane CRAMP
Said with a pinched nose NASAL
Senior exec CEO
Seriously injure MAIM
She put the ruby slippers on Dorothy GLINDA
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Sitcom beer server MOE
Slim woodwind OBOE
Sonnet preposition ERE
Space exploration acronym SETI
Spot for a bouncing baby boy KNEE
Squad raiders VICECOPS
Stray dismissal SCAT
Sun Valley alternative ASPEN
Super Bowl prize? SEAT
Tax __ LOSS
Tell stories, in a way WRITE
Teller of stories LIAR
They're folded in kitchens OMELETS
Three-note quintet EIEIO
Tiny, in a tiny way LIL
Tomato option ROMA
Top-drawer CHOICE
Tout de suite ASAP
Trading card stat RBI
Tropical veranda LANAI
Two to one, for one RATIO
Type of current AIR
Unexceptional NORMAL
Unspecified power NTH
Van Gogh's "The __ Night" STARRY
White-tailed eagle ERNE
Wine cellar item CASK
Winter melon CASABA
Word of disapproval BAH
Worry FRET
Zany adventure CAPER