L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 22, 2015

Clue Answer
"A Doll's House" playwright IBSEN
"Bambi" doe ENA
"Be silent," in music TACET
"Cat __ Hot Tin Roof" ONA
"How sweet __!" ITIS
"Uh-uh" NOPE
'70s clubs DISCOS
*Donny's '70s TV co-host MARIEOSMOND
*It's often "burned" during exam week MIDNIGHTOIL
*Sense of duty, per one's personal ethics MORALOBLIGATION
*Six-time '30s-'40s N.L. home run champ MELOTT
Acid or base indicator LITMUS
Andre of tennis AGASSI
Apple computer IMAC
Ascribes IMPUTES
Banded together UNITED
Baseball glove MITT
Bawled CRIED
Bold & Crispy Fries maker OREIDA
Brazenly obvious BLATANT
Bruce Wayne's alter ego BATMAN
Bruins' sch UCLA
Buddhist teacher LAMA
Calif. neighbor OREG
Cases the joint for, say ABETS
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Caustic cleaners LYES
Circle segment ARC
Clause joiners ANDS
Coral island ATOLL
Daring exploit GEST
Depend (on) RELY
Eagerly interested AGOG
Fashion initials YSL
Gets wise with SASSES
Hombres en la familia TIOS
Home alarm co ADT
Ingredient in a black and tan ALE
Ingrid's "Casablanca" role ILSA
Island veranda LANAI
Italian pork sausage MORTADELLA
Lay an egg, so to speak BOMB
Lightly burn SINGE
MD-to-be's exam MCAT
Neck of the woods AREA
Nickname for Ruth, with "The" BAMBINO
On the upswing RISING
One-named Nigerian singer SADE
Oodles LOTS
Oodles HEAPS
Ore deposit LODE
Pepper grinder MILL
Protein building blocks AMINOACIDS
Record label founded in Detroit ... and, when divided into three words, where to find the answers to starred clues? MOTOWN
Relatives of gulfs BAYS
School periods CLASSES
Sea divided by shrinkage ARAL
Sea, in Marseille MER
Sit on the throne REIGN
Spanish cordial ANIS
Square root of IX III
Stooge with bangs MOE
Strahan co-host RIPA
Striped quartz AGATE
Sunup point EAST
Swiss river AARE
Trendy, '60s-style MOD
Trio member with Stills and Nash CROSBY
Waffler's word MAYBE
When doubled, playmate of Pebbles BAMM
Where Antwerp is: Abbr BEL
Where to find screwdrivers? BARTAB
Yours, to Yves ATOI
Zippo NADA
__'Pea SWEE
__-wip: dessert topping REDDI