L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 21, 2015

Clue Answer
"Bring __!": "Let's fight!" ITON
"Just want to add ..." ALSO
"No ifs, __ ..." ANDS
"Steppenwolf" author Hermann HESSE
"The Big Bang Theory" type NERD
*Clog-clearing company ROTOROOTER
*Compete, as for a role TRYOUT
*Miss Manners' concern PROPERETIQUETTE
*Pickled peppers picker PETERPIPER
*Typewriter area, letterwise, for the answers to starred clues TOPROW
1970s New York mayor Abe BEAME
Address book entry CONTACT
Almond-colored TAN
Annual reason to reset clocks: Abbr DST
Bandleader Artie SHAW
Biblical prophet MICAH
Breaks off ENDS
Canadian prov. bordering Vt QUE
Chatter endlessly PRATE
Christmas carol NOEL
Civil suit cause TORT
Classroom assistants AIDES
Clearing-in-the-woods shelters TENTS
Coastline recess INLET
Come in last LOSE
Cookie grain OATS
Cry one's eyes out WEEP
Deodorant choice AEROSOL
Detest HATE
Dictator Amin IDI
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Energy OOMPH
Even score TIE
Expresses happiness SMILES
Fab Four drummer Ringo STARR
Fizz in a gin fizz SODA
Flat-topped lands MESAS
Gay Nineties and Roaring Twenties ERAS
Golf goal PAR
Grandkid spoiler, often NANA
Greek X's CHIS
Hanging on every word RAPT
Have __ in the hole ANACE
In unison, in music ADUE
Italian city known for a shroud TURIN
Les États-__ UNIS
Light fog MIST
London native, informally BRIT
Love to pieces ADORE
Mailbox opening SLOT
Make laugh in a big way SLAY
MD's "pronto" STAT
Miner's bonanza LODE
Nary a soul NOTONE
Paranormal ability, for short ESP
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Play lightly, as a guitar STRUM
Proud member of a select group ELITIST
Pts. and qts., for two AMTS
Purina dog food brand ALPO
Raised one's glass to TOASTED
Reclined LAIN
Shelter adoptee PET
Slurpee alternative ICEE
Some old radios RCAS
Spanish appetizers TAPAS
Stable studs SIRES
Tax pros CPAS
Tear violently REND
TV network with an eye logo CBS
Understand SEE
Very, very old ANCIENT
Walked stealthily TIPTOED
Water slide user's cry WHEE
__ Aires BUENOS
__ rage: PED user's aggression ROID
__'acte ENTR