L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - October 9, 2015

Clue Answer
"Buzz off!" SCAT
"Darn it!" NUTS
"Is it worth the risk?" DOIDARE
"Morning Joe" airer MSNBC
"__ luck!" LOTSA
*Emotional burden BAGGAGE
*Head of the produce section? CABBAGE
*Place for oats FEEDBAG
*Vandalized, in a way DEFACED
*Wiped out EFFACED
*Yielded ACCEDED
14-Down's need, at times TASER
1992 Mamet play OLEANNA
2000 World Series venue SHEA
Asteroids maker ATARI
Bakery buy TART
Blog entry POST
Brush up on RELEARN
Capital of India RUPEE
Capital __ CITY
Colorful fish OPAH
Country on the Strait of Hormuz IRAN
Darwin, for one NATURALIST
Deli staple SALAMI
Die, with "out" CONK
End in __ ATIE
Facilitated EASED
Fast-growing U.S. ethnic group LATINOS
Fruit named for a Turkish town CASABA
Gobble (up) SNARF
Haul to the kitchen, as groceries LUGIN
He wrote about "a midnight dreary" POE
High-five relative DAP
Horse show concern GAIT
Ill-fated 1967 mission APOLLOI
Knowledgeable about ONTOPOF
Legendary flier ICARUS
Like Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony" INF
Like Congress BICAMERAL
Little garden party? GNOME
Many AARP mems SRS
Mazatlán Mrs SRA
Member of the force POLICEWOMAN
Newspaper fig CIRC
Oklahoma county in which a 2008 Pulitzer-winning drama is set OSAGE
Old Tokyo EDO
Old-style warning ALARUM
Online annoyances POPUPADS
Poison remedy IPECAC
Poison test site LAB
Queen of the Goths in Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" TAMORA
Rather little ALACKOF
Ravel classic BOLERO
Regan's poisoner, in Shakespeare GONERIL
Reigning emperor of Japan AKIHITO
Romantic activity BUSSING
Squealed TOLD
Steamy stuff EROTICA
Stirs ADOS
Subdue TAME
Suffer AIL
They're graphically represented three times in this grid ... and the answers to starred clues are the six longest common words than can be spelled using only them NOTES
Took the wrong way? STOLE
Understand GET
Went first LED
Word before or after blue SKY
Word before or after dog SLED
Words of wisdom SAWS
Work __ ETHIC
Yearbook, e.g ANNAL