L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 6, 2015

Clue Answer
" ... on the sand, / __ sunk, a shattered visage lies": "Ozymandias" HALF
"I've got this one" LETME
"Magic Mike" feature BEEFCAKE
"Take me __ am" ASI
"Uh-huh" YEAH
"What light through yonder window breaks?" speaker ROMEO
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Advanced tests ORALS
Ale seller TAVERN
Angler's prize FISH
Asthma sufferer's relief INHALER
Balkan region BOSNIA
Boring DRAB
Butyl acetate, e.g ESTER
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Comedian Foxx REDD
Contest form ENTRY
Dinner for Spot ALPO
Domain RULE
Edible tuber YAM
Educational foundation ABCS
First place? EDEN
Game that may involve complicated shots HORSE
Garden spots BEDS
Genesis creator SEGA
Heavyweight champ between Buster and Riddick EVANDER
Heist, say CAPER
Home of Utah Valley University OREM
ILST ... and each of three other puzzle clues ALPHABETIZEDLIST
Is down with HAS
Islamic law SHARIA
Lack of continuity GAP
Lead ore GALENA
Like Jameson whiskey IRISH
Like-minded group CAMP
Little case ETUI
Long time ending? NOSEE
Lowest part BASSO
Make a selection OPT
Make like a tree, facetiously LEAVE
Map feature with an elev MTN
Marine propulsion aids OARS
Mate's affirmative AYE
Mediterranean feeder NILE
More pinlike? NEATER
No longer bothered by USEDTO
Not hold one's peace SPEAK
Of few words TERSE
Old painting sites CAVES
One of Suetonius' "Twelve Caesars" NERO
Other side of "We Can Work It Out" DAYTRIPPER
Paige of British musical theatre ELAINE
Porkpie, for one HAT
Rescuer, often HERO
Robert of "The Sopranos" ILER
Sea sound ROAR
Sent away BANISHED
Severe wound GASH
Structural opening? INFRA
Sun Valley locale IDAHO
They're bought and soled SHOES
Thick mass SLAB
Three-layer treats OREOS
Wait for help, perhaps too long STAYONHOLD
Wax on an envelope, say SEAL
Weary TIRE
Wild period SPREE
Window frame part SILL
Youngest March sister AMY
Zipper opening? ZEE
__ citizen SENIOR
__ Plantation, site of the world's largest maze DOLE