L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 23, 2015

Clue Answer
"Look before you __" LEAP
"My treat" ITSONME
"U Can't Touch This" rapper MCHAMMER
Ambient music pioneer Brian ENO
Announcement upon arrival IMHERE
Apple music players IPODS
Athletic center GYM
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Bete __ NOIRE
Bill totals: Abbr AMTS
Capote nickname TRU
Captain of the Caine QUEEG
Carry with effort LUG
Cocktail rocks ICE
Coin toss call EVENS
Compete VIE
Continually EVER
Dict. entry DEF
Director Howard RON
Disconnects from the outlet UNPLUGS
Drunkard SOT
Electrolux, briefly VAC
Exorcism target DEMON
For each PER
For the lady HERS
General __ chicken TSOS
Gives a pep talk, with "up" PSYCHS
Hearth receptacle ASHBIN
Helper for Santa ELF
Inlaid designs MOSAICS
Lawyer's charge FEE
Like large reptiles, compared to smaller ones SCALIER
Looked ready to fight SQUAREDOFF
Make a proposer smile SAYYES
Many a November birth, to astrologers SCORPIO
MLB's Indians, on scoreboards CLE
Movie-rating org MPAA
Nos. on beach lotion labels SPFS
O.T. prophet SAML
Obscure from view, as in an eclipse BLOTOUT
Online guy with a list CRAIG
Online matchmaker EHARMONY
Opera highlight ARIA
Pachelbel composition CANON
Partner of hither YON
Philosopher __-tzu LAO
Piano players? FINGERS
Pig's sniffer SNOUT
Popeye's nemesis BLUTO
Problem on the Caine MUTINY
Reviewed for errors PROOFED
Ryan or Tatum ONEAL
San __: Riviera resort REMO
School course with slides BIOLOGY
Secretly keep in the email loop, for short BCC
See 42-Down EINSTEIN
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Small thicket COPSE
Stately tree ELM
Status __ QUO
Tel Aviv's country: Abbr ISR
They're usually divided into scenes ACTS
Tijuana three TRES
To this point YET
Vacant EMPTY
Web destinations SITES
Where sailors go TOSEA
Wisecracking West MAE
With 53-Across, physics Nobelist who devised the formula that begins 17-, 22-, 34- and 46-Across ALBERT
__ de plume NOM
__ Vegas LAS