L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 19, 2015

Clue Answer
"Go ahead, make my day!" TRYME
"No __!" PROB
"Ran" director Kurosawa AKIRA
"Soldier of Love" Grammy winner SADE
"The Devil Wears __" PRADA
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" actor DAFOE
"Then again," in tweets OTOH
2011 animated film set in Brazil RIO
Anti-consumerist portmanteau popularized in a 2001 best-seller AFFLUENZA
Athlete lead-in TRI
Attach AFFIX
Attention from Dr. Mom TLC
Attic forager RAT
Author of macabre tales POE
Bar for some dancers LIMBOPOLE
Before, of yore ERE
Bit of a speech WORD
Broke down WEPT
Capitol insider POL
Carpe __ DIEM
Case for notions ETUI
Case study? TRIAL
Common maladies COLDS
Complain CARP
Cosmetic surgeon's procedures, briefly LIPOS
Cuban music genre CONGA
Daly of "Judging Amy" TYNE
Evasive language DOUBLESPEAK
Everyone, in Essen ALLE
Family nickname AUNTY
Film feline ELSA
French postcard word AVION
Fuel type DIESEL
Instruments for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole UKES
ISP alternative DSL
It's not hot for long FAD
Kiss a frog, so it's said BREAKTHESPELL
Lana of Superman lore LANG
Largish jazz ensemble SEPTET
Last stroke, usually PUTT
LBJ agency OEO
Light sources BULBS
Like one who really gets IT? TECHSAVVY
Maxwell Smart's nemesis KAOS
Milne marsupial ROO
Motrin competitor ADVIL
NBC sketch comedy SNL
Nonstick cookware brand TFAL
Not connected APART
Novelist De Vries PETER
Nursery supply SOD
Old cereal box stat RDA
Ones with fab abs HEMEN
Org. that holds your interest? SANDL
Party hearty REVEL
Pastoral poems IDYLS
PC file extension EXE
Portuguese king REI
Prolonged look STARE
Reuters competitor UPI
Salts TARS
Sea divers LOONS
Silhouette of a bird, for Twitter ICON
Similarly sinful ASBAD
Snoring, e.g., and a literal hint to what's hidden in 20-, 27- and 45-Across SLEEPDISORDER
Stillwater's state: Abbr OKLA
Street vendor's snack PRETZEL
Submission encl SAE
Switch ending EROO
Utter disgust REPULSION
Went too far with OVERDID
You might pick up a pebble in one SHOE
__ Men, pop band whose name derives from its members' homeland BAHA