L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 16, 2015

Clue Answer
" ... have you __ wool?" ANY
"A Death in the Family" author James AGEE
"Aida," for one OPERA
"Gee whiz!" HOLYSMOKE
"I pass" NOBID
*Employee who does the firing HATCHETMAN
*Humor among friends INSIDEJOKE
*Malicious prank DIRTYTRICK
*Winter storm school closing SNOWDAY
Access the Internet LOGON
Animal Crackers feline LION
Antlered grazer ELK
Approximately 3.26 light-years PARSEC
Barnyard female EWE
Boat with an outrigger CANOE
Bombeck of household humor ERMA
Bric-a-brac disposal event TAGSALE
Church recess APSE
Corrida cheers OLES
County on San Francisco Bay MARIN
Cozy eatery CAFE
Cries of pain OWS
Design detail, briefly SPEC
Director Kazan ELIA
Discipline using mats YOGA
Drop (off) NOD
Employment opportunity, and a hint to the first word of the answers to starred clues JOBOPENING
Exasperated sound SIGH
Fall guy PATSY
Forest clearing GLADE
George Eliot's "Adam __" BEDE
Get up ARISE
Govt.-backed investment TNOTE
Govt.-issued ID SSN
Greek war god ARES
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Has obligations OWES
Has __ for news ANOSE
Honolulu "howdy" ALOHA
House cat, e.g PET
Ill-fated Boleyn ANNE
Iranian currency RIAL
Japanese detective Mr. __ MOTO
Kings, queens and jacks FACECARDS
L.A. Clippers' org NBA
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Like the old bucket of song OAKEN
List-ending abbr ETC
Make amends ATONE
Memo writer's "Pronto!" ASAP
Merely ONLY
Moorehead of "Bewitched" AGNES
One doing simple math ADDER
Part of IRA: Abbr ACCT
Per person APOP
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Pork cut LOIN
Quick poke JAB
Rabbit ears ANTENNA
Really digging, as a hobby INTO
Really keyed up HYPER
Sarcastic in a mean way SNIDE
Similar (to) AKIN
Small fruit pie TART
Son-of-a-gun SOANDSO
Spanish eyes OJOS
Speak sharply to SNAPAT
Storybook meanie OGRE
The __ Boys: fictional detectives HARDY
Trendy club HOTSPOT
Trumpeter Alpert HERB
Unit of hope or light RAY
White Monopoly bills ONES
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Written in few words SHORT
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO