L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 14, 2015

Clue Answer
"Happening Now" airer FOXNEWS
"I can remember when the air was clean and __ was dirty": George Burns SEX
1970 Kinks hit LOLA
1979 Pa. newsmaker TMI
Altar on high ARA
Atmosphere makeup GAS
Base figs NCOS
Big name in investment banking SACHS
Bit of wisdom PEARL
Bolted down ATE
Certain metalworker PLATER
Civil Rights Memorial architect LIN
Completely lost ASEA
Complex pipes HOOKAHS
Consequences of too many blows TKOS
Course outlines SYLLABI
Crotchety remark BAH
Cry of domination IRULE
Dark times abroad NUITS
Didn't sit around OPTED
Do away with ERASE
Ethylene, for one ALKENE
Fantasy player's concern STAT
Five-time 1960s Emmy-winning actor DONKNOTTS
Florida surfing mecca COCOABEACH
Home safety feature HEATSENSOR
IRA components CDS
Italian road STRADA
King of pop CAROLE
Lake __ Vista BUENA
Larger-than-life types LEGENDS
Legendary speller? MERLIN
Literally, "without lines" SANSSERIF
Long haul TREK
Longtime Moore co-star ASNER
Lotion letters SPF
Low spots RUTS
Museum visit, perhaps CLASSTRIP
Musical group founded by a Civil War vet BOSTONPOPS
Neighborhood AREA
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Outdoor security item FLOODLAMP
Ownership issue CLEARTITLE
Partly roasted treat SMORE
Peabody Essex Museum city SALEM
Pitch TAR
Positive assertion ICAN
Potato __ SKINS
Predator known for its piercing call SCREECHOWL
Presently ANON
Red Rose PETE
Rx overseer FDA
School uniform part dating to the 1800s ETONCOLLAR
Seat of Greene County, Ohio XENIA
Some email attachments PDFS
String holder SPOOL
Strip lighting NEON
Stumbles, say ERRS
Symbol for the NFL's Bears UPPERCASEC
Tahrir Square city CAIRO
Taunt RIDE
Tolkien monster ORC
Traditional Cajun dish DIRTYRICE
Vigeland Museum city OSLO
Warned, in a way SNARLEDAT
Where to get a date PALM
Wing it ADLIB
__ elbow TENNIS