L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 12, 2015

Clue Answer
" ... I've __ to the mountaintop": King BEEN
"... but I play one __" ONTV
"__ Ben Adhem" ABOU
1928 Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Anti votes NOES
Bare-bones staff SKELETONCREW
Beaux __: noble deeds GESTES
Beethoven's "Für __" ELISE
Billiards shot CAROM
Break-even transaction WASH
Brief outline APERCU
British mil. decorations DSOS
Calder piece MOBILE
Comparative words ISTO
Controversial video game feature GORE
Copper CENT
Cosecant's reciprocal SINE
Cost of living? RENT
Diamond heist? STOLENBASE
Dinner side, and what can literally be found in this puzzle's circles MIXEDVEGETABLES
Divides, as lovers COMESBETWEEN
Does a security job SCREENS
Dust motes SPECKS
Early Beatle Sutcliffe STU
Exploits USES
Eye rakishly OGLE
Featherbrained INANE
Final notice? OBIT
Firm SET
Fork-tailed flier TERN
Frequent companion PAL
Fresh from the oven HOT
Fruit discard RIND
Graph lines XAXES
Greek finale OMEGA
Hawaiian dish POI
He's fifth on the career home run list MAYS
Hit or miss VERB
Ice cream designs SWIRLS
It may need a boost EGO
Kennel sounds YIPS
Kids' drivers, often MOMS
Lead-in for sci POLI
League fraction MILE
Literary governess EYRE
Long-armed beasts APES
Memorable temptation victim EVE
Military unit TROOP
Nae sayer SCOT
Name on a historic B-29 ENOLA
One may be tossed after a wish COIN
Org. in Tom Clancy novels CIA
Painter who was a leader of the Fauvist movement MATISSE
Place to see crawls POOL
Printed words TEXT
Reason for a tow job REPO
Resilient strength SINEW
Rock's __ Boingo OINGO
Roy Rogers' birth name SLYE
Rub the wrong away ERASE
SFPD ranks LTS
Shooting star, to some OMEN
Smeltery waste DROSS
Squirrel away AMASS
Stereotypical bachelors' toys SPORTSCARS
Tailless cat MANX
Teach, in a way TAME
Thin locks, as of hair WISPS
Three-sided blade EPEE
Three-time 21st-century World Series champs REDSOX
Tiger Woods' ex ELIN
Tin Pan Alley org ASCAP
Tom Clancy figure SPY
Valéry's valentine AMIE
Virile MANLY
__ bath MUD
__ cap POLAR