L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - November 10, 2015

Clue Answer
"Dallas" Miss ELLIE
"Dig in" EAT
"I'm not the only one?" YOUTOO
"__ Haw" HEE
'60s war zone, briefly NAM
*A roll of two, in craps SNAKEEYES
*Guffaw from the gut BELLYLAUGH
*One of three in a daily diet SQUAREMEAL
*Opening night "Best of luck!" BREAKALEG
300, to Caesar CCC
Able, facetiously EPT
Abode that's abuzz APIARY
Actress Jolie ANGELINA
Air Force One VIP PRES
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Ballroom dances SAMBAS
Bar bottle contents LIQUOR
Bring up, as a topic BROACH
Cardinal's headgear REDHAT
Cigar-smoking George's spouse GRACIE
Composure APLOMB
Confident "Are you the one for this job?" response IMIT
Copenhagen native DANE
Detective's promising clues HOTLEADS
Drop in the sea EBBTIDE
Entr'__: play intervals ACTES
Farming prefix AGRO
Fed. assistance program SSI
Fire: Pref PYRO
Former Mississippi senator Trent LOTT
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, e.g., and, literally, what the first words of the answers to starred clues can be DANCEPARTNERS
Glacial historic period ICEAGE
Grant permission LET
Hawaii's Mauna __ LOA
Key related to D major BMINOR
Life story, briefly BIO
Like a disengaged engine INIDLE
Little lump NODULE
March follower APRIL
Metal-threaded fabrics LAMES
Moo goo __ pan GAI
Name on a blimp GOODYEAR
One, to Beethoven EINS
Pear center CORE
Place for a bath TUB
Plant anchor ROOT
Product identifier similar to UPC SKU
Quagmire BOG
Red flag ALERT
Regular practice RITUAL
Resemble BELIKE
Scenes in shoeboxes DIORAMAS
Shorthand pros STENOS
Sinusitis-treating MD ENT
Soak up ABSORB
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Stone and Stallone SLYS
Swears to ATTESTS
The Macarena, pet rocks, etc FADS
Those, to José ESAS
Trawling gear NET
Turkish title of honor AGHA
TV's "Kate & __" ALLIE
Unevenly balanced LOPSIDED
West Coast state OREGON
Where sailors go OUTTOSEA
Woman's name from the Latin for "happy" FELICIA
__ Heights: disputed Mideast region GOLAN
__ Khan: Rita Hayworth's husband ALY
__ powder TALCUM