L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - May 8, 2015

Clue Answer
"A good deed __ ever forgot": "Huckleberry Finn" AINT
"C'est magnifique!" OOLALA
1980s-'90s heavyweight champ TYSON
Ability to laugh at deli bread ... and at three other answers in this puzzle? RYESENSEOFHUMOR
Actor Morales ESAI
Ancient landing spot ARARAT
Baker of only one type of Indian bread? NAANCONFORMIST
Big opening MAW
Blush cause SHAME
Brand for greenskeepers TORO
Calf neighbor TIBIA
Cautionary tale about Greek bread? PITAANDTHEWOLF
Co-creator of the Rutles, a parodic band ERICIDLE
Commandment word SHALT
Composer Rorem NED
Conquistador's treasure ORO
Control, in a way LIMIT
D.C. fundraisers PACS
Decorative swimmer KOI
Disney's Montana HANNAH
Draw, as a portrait LIMN
Film genre ACTION
Flock leader PASTOR
Followers FANS
Friend of Eeyore ROO
Genetic messenger RNA
Good feelings during Jewish bread celebrations? CHALLAHDAYCHEER
Grand Marnier flavor ORANGE
Greek peak OSSA
Grumpy, say DWARF
Halloween effect MOAN
Happens to BETIDES
Hardest part HUMP
Harp relative LYRE
Hesitant thought WILLI
Hit with force RAMMED
Home of minor league baseball's RubberDucks AKRON
iComfort maker SERTA
It's used in rounds AMMO
Jaunty greeting HIHO
King Saud University city RIYADH
Malfunction indicators, perhaps NOISES
Many an 8-Down native ARAB
Martinique et Réunion ILES
Michael of "Arrested Development" CERA
Mont Blanc, par exemple ALPE
Mural beginning INTRA
Newspaper thickener ADS
Not to FRO
Paris : terre :: Bonn : __ ERDE
Pet food creator Paul IAMS
Place for quiet, at times SET
Sassy PERT
Scores MANY
Scraps ORTS
Seek guidance from LOOKTO
Sgt., for one NCO
Signs of island hospitality LEIS
Slope TILT
Speculative bond rating CCC
Spiritualist's sighting AURA
Springfield watering hole MOES
Summer quaffs ADES
Take the lead STAR
Theatrical honors OBIES
Thing gone wrong MISHAP
URL ending EDU
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer LIN
Word with game or point END
Yukon warmer PARKA