L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - May 18, 2015

Clue Answer
"Superstation" letters TBS
"The Fountainhead" writer Ayn RAND
"VoilГ !" THERE
"__ the Bunny": touch-and-feel baby book PAT
Agreement ASSENT
Altar promises IDOS
Aquafina rival DASANI
Aristocrat ... or two moons BLUEBLOOD
Baseball Hall of Famer Sandberg RYNE
Bridal bouquet flower ... or two waters WHITEROSE
Broiling spot OVEN
Bubble and churn ROIL
Cabin fever complaint IMBORED
Capulet killed by Romeo TYBALT
Careful with money FRUGAL
Close tightly SEAL
Coffee lure AROMA
Corn discards COBS
Courtroom team LAWYERS
Delight at the comedy club SLAY
Delivery co. with a white arrow outlined within its logo FEDEX
Desserts with crusts PIES
Dispatches, as a dragon DOESIN
Doo-wop horn SAX
Doomed one, in slang DEADMEAT
Double-reed instruments OBOES
Expenditures plan BUDGET
Fuss in front of a mirror PREEN
Gmail alternative AOL
Going __: fighting ATIT
GPS display MAP
GPS suggestion RTE
Great Salt Lake site UTAH
Grim Grimm guys OGRES
Have the nerve DARE
Immigrant's document ... or two rooms GREENCARD
Intervals between causes and effects TIMELAGS
Jazz singer Jones NORAH
Koi or goldfish CARP
Lasting forever ETERNAL
Line of seats ROW
Look after TEND
Nasty mutt CUR
Native land of many recent marathon winners KENYA
Old Italian coin LIRA
Part of EMT: Abbr EMER
Prefix with second NANO
Prepare, as water for tea BOIL
Pro votes YEAS
Regional plant life FLORA
Retail security employee MALLCOP
Show flexibility BEND
Sidewalk eatery CAFE
Simple choice AORB
Six-time Emmy winner Tyne DALY
Sixth sense letters ESP
Skilled ABLE
Small pet rodents GERBILS
Soviet military force ... or two ants REDARMY
Spongy sweet cake BABKA
Start of a tennis point SERVE
Stocking part TOE
Surgical beam LASER
Suspicious of ONTO
Swiss cheese GRUYERE
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Texter's button SEND
Tip, as one's hat DOFF
Toaster waffles EGGOS
Toasty WARM
Waffle cookers IRONS
Went fast RACED
Western resort lake TAHOE
Whole-grain food ... or two universities BROWNRICE
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Wunderkind PHENOM
Young boy LAD
__ cloud: remote solar system region OORT