L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - May 10, 2015

Clue Answer
"... sadness comes __ me": Longfellow OER
"Pshaw!" FIE
"Transcendence" actor DEPP
2001 French romantic comedy AMELIE
31-Down quarry BANDIT
97-Down pair, frequently ACTS
Arrived suddenly BLEWIN
Asian cuisine THAI
Aslan of Narnia, e.g LION
Assign ALLOT
Baby moose CALF
Bambi family member ENA
Bart Simpson, e.g IMP
Bit of kelp, say ALGA
Boldly forward PERT
Bonnie Raitt, for one ALTO
Bowlful next to the chips PARTYDIP
Brahms' symphonies, e.g TETRAD
British noblemen EARLS
Buildup of fluid EDEMA
Calls for NEEDS
Captures NABS
Cargo unit TON
Chicago athlete in Denver? MILEHIGHCUB
Choral parts may be sung in it UNISON
Cold War missile prog SDI
Come down hard TEEM
Comment after a big raise? THEPOTTHICKENS
Computer output device PRINTER
Covered the gray, say DYED
Creeping evergreen IVY
Cricket, for one INSECT
Cut back SLASH
Dancer's move TWIRL
Dark clouds, perhaps OMEN
Didn't let go of KEPT
Discriminating ability EYE
Do a farming job SEED
Doctor's order STAT
Don Ho's instrument UKE
Energize AMPUP
Express sorrow CRY
Factory-built home PREFAB
Fair-haired castaway? BEACHEDBLOND
Fathered SIRED
Faux furs left out in the cold? FROSTEDFAKES
FDR was one ELK
Field official REF
Field scurrier MOUSE
Fig tree variety BANYAN
First-century emperor NERO
Five-time Tony nominee Stritch ELAINE
Food label reader, perhaps DIETER
Former Sandinista leader ORTEGA
Garden annoyance MOLE
Gathering that may involve a wagon TEA
Gem named for a dinosaur? BARNEYSTONE
Gently touches PATS
Gets boldly forward with SASSES
Green Giant deal? PEABARGAIN
Greenhouse gas regulator: Abbr EPA
Hatch, e.g.: Abbr SEN
Hefty volume TOME
Helena-to-Lincoln dir ESE
Hindu duty DHARMA
Ideally ATBEST
In accordance with PER
Inuit wear ANORAK
Islamic official IMAM
Israeli weapon UZI
Jack __, treasury secretary since 2013 LEW
Jim Davis canine ODIE
Kid's adhesive PASTE
Life PEP
Like some wings HOT
Like the Cheshire Cat's grin TOOTHY
Little newts EFTS
Little red schoolhouse lady MARM
Many a TV series DRAMA
Marquee partner COSTAR
Moment of dishonesty LIE
Mosaic part TESSERA
Not agitated SERENE
Old lab heaters ETNAS
One hoping to find a school ANGLER
Only major league team without a no-hitter to its credit PADRES
Out-of-style Boy Scout shelters PUPTENTS
Padlock part HASP
Parthenon dedicatee ATHENA
Passed-down learning LORE
Pertinent APROPOS
Physically aware SENSATE
Play with songs MUSICAL
Polynesian getaway OAHU
Preposterous, as an idea INSANE
Prison canary? RAT
Protest on the road HONK
Put away ATE
Quite hefty OBESE
Range ropes REATAS
Recess retort AMSO
Reduce in intensity DIM
Removed pieces from DISARMED
Running buddy's question? YOURPACEORMINE
Rural roadside stops INNS
Satisfied, as a debt REPAID
Scholarly piece PAPER
Sea raptors ERNS
Seized again RETOOK
Send forth RADIATE
Shampoo additive ALOE
Shipbuilding tool ADZE
Skylark sound TRILL
Slacks for the boardroom? POWERPANTS
Small number AFEW
Smidgen MORSEL
So last week PASSE
Stamp out END
Standout BIGNAME
Start of many a tribute ODETO
Steady EVEN
Struggled for balance TEETERED
Summon, with "for" SEND
Takes the wrong way? ROBS
Tenderfoot NAIF
Tip a tam UNHAT
Tracked winter vehicle SNOCAT
Trick reaction OOH
Uncouth COARSE
Unprocessed information RAWDATA
Vending machine buy SODA
Warm-bath reaction AAH
Wedding page word NEE
Western chasers POSSE
Yachting pronoun SHE
Yrs. before college ELHI
Yucatán native MAYAN