L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 28, 2015

Clue Answer
"Bad idea" NAH
"Blade Runner" actor Rutger __ HAUER
"Days," for one SOAPOPERA
"Lovergirl" vocalist __ Marie TEENA
"The Three Musketeers" antagonist RICHELIEU
"What __!": "I've been swindled!" ARIP
54-Down cause, in modern jargon FATFINGER
Aachen article DER
Asian citrus fruit POMELO
Bolted RAN
City with a Penn State campus ERIE
Copper, notably CONDUCTOR
Court leader FOREMAN
Court pos CTR
Discouraged SCAREDOFF
Drag racing safety feature CHUTE
Dream state? LALALAND
Easily appalled SQUEAMISH
Father of Reuben, in Genesis JACOB
Fox's leg? GAM
Get into DON
God in 56-Across ARES
Golden Globe nominee for "Tommy" DALTREY
Great Plains tribe LAKOTA
Great quantity RAFT
Gun holders SAFES
Hard to reach ALOOF
Have more than enough ODON
Hayek of "Frida" SALMA
High-protein grain QUINOA
Hillshire Brands predecessor SARALEE
Indian lentil dish DAL
Ineffective FEEBLE
It concludes with Hector's funeral ILIAD
Item on a carhop's tray MALT
Jack Nicklaus Museum campus OHIOSTATE
K.C. setting CST
Little League game ender, perhaps MERCYRULE
Misfit '70s sitcom character SWEATHOG
Mtge. application datum SSN
Old will? SHALT
Onetime Hertz owner RCA
Paper slip TYPO
Part of a process STAGE
Power chaser? ADE
Reno-__ Intl. Airport TAHOE
Ring concerns: Abbr KTS
River in a Burns poem AFTON
Samurai without a master RONIN
Sch. whose marching band played on Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" USC
Second-most populous Afr. country ETH
Sell the scene EMOTE
Shafts, so to speak RAWDEALS
Shake up JAR
Skosh TAD
Spider producer ALFAROMEO
Spray-making co FTD
Surprise letters OMG
Time to celebrate BANNERDAY
Tube top CAP
Vilifies DEFAMES
What some authority figures wear? THEPANTS
Where billabongs flow AUSTRALIA
Yosemite attraction ELCAPITAN
__ Air BEL
__ Bowl: Boston College won the last one in 2000 ALOHA
__ mentality SIEGE
__ system SOLAR