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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 12, 2015

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 12, 2015

Clue Answer
"The Big Bang Theory" network CBS
"__ bad idea" NOTA
'50s political nickname IKE
Absolute ruler DESPOT
Actress Hatcher TERI
Annual sports event that begins with Selection Sunday on 3/15 ... or, cryptically, a hint to the scrambled word found at the starts of 20-, 29-, 37- and 45-Across MARCHMADNESS
Arrival announcement IMHERE
Arrived just in time for MADE
Atkins no-no CARB
Author Rand AYN
Bagel topping SCHMEAR
Bat mitzvah dance HORA
Birdbrain NITWIT
Brothers Grimm creature FAIRY
Café breakfast order HAMCREPE
Childhood home of Jesus NAZARETH
Co. runners MGMT
Come off as SEEM
Crop pants CAPRIS
Curvature ARCH
Delivery person? MOM
Den piece ARMCHAIR
Dorothy Parker's "Excuse my dust" and others EPITAPHS
Dough dispensers, for short ATMS
Dry riverbed WADI
Elizabeth of "Lone Star" PENA
Experimental blast NTEST
Fancy coif UPDO
Fords that never got going EDSELS
French Open surface CLAY
Hindu priest BRAHMAN
However YET
In the past ONCE
Italian roads STRADE
Jekyll creator's monogram RLS
JFK info ARR
Like the Taj Mahal DOMED
Lions, Tigers or Bears TEAM
Makes the first move OPENS
Manned the helm STEERED
Milk sources for some Greek cheese EWES
Milk sources for some Tibetan cheese YAKS
Myrmecologist's subject ANTFARM
Nerve cell transmitter AXON
Nothing ZERO
Old apple spray ALAR
Orioles' div ALEAST
Painful turning point? ANKLE
Personnel employee HIRER
Pinnacle APEX
Precisely, after "on" THENOSE
Prior to today, poetically ERENOW
Provide a spread for CATER
Pull with effort DRAG
Related compounds ISOMERS
Reservoir creator DAM
Resistance unit OHM
Russian composer and piano virtuoso RACHMANINOFF
Scenic route, perhaps BYWAY
Script "Q" feature LOOP
Seesaw need TWO
Sleep soundly? SNORE
Some Persians RUGS
Special something AURA
Stax Records genre SOUL
Story you might find on MuggleNet.com, briefly FANFIC
Town crier's cry HEARYE
TV fantasy about three magical sisters CHARMED
Usually stained work garb SMOCK

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