L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 11, 2015

Clue Answer
"Be silent," in music TACET
13-mile race HALFMARATHON
Arrange dishes and utensils on SET
Associations TIES
Australian gem OPAL
Babysitter, often TEEN
Bolt partner NUT
Borax-transporting driver MULETEER
Botanical junction NODE
Bounce HOP
Bundle up again REWRAP
Charter, as a bus HIRE
Chichén __: pyramid site ITZA
Chop __ SUEY
Coastal bird of prey ERNE
DFW posting ETA
Donut box qty DOZ
E. Berlin's land GDR
Educ. testing data IQS
Eliot Ness, e.g TMAN
Enzo's "Enough!" BASTA
Equine sprinter QUARTERHORSE
Filled to the limit SATED
Forearm bones ULNAE
Fr. wives MMES
Genetic letters RNA
Geological age AEON
GI's address APO
Goldman's son-in-law and partner SACHS
Good-humored banter RAILLERY
Hammer-toting god THOR
High spot ACME
Home of the NFL's Rams STL
Indian region known for its tea ASSAM
It can follow the starts of 17-, 32-, 41- and 59-Across NOTE
It prohibits cruel and unusual punishment EIGHTHAMENDMENT
Less experienced, as a recruit RAWER
Like the accent on "passé" ACUTE
Loads ALOT
Major follower? ETTE
Maker of brief briefs SPEEDO
Mandela's org ANC
Met event OPERA
More achy SORER
More: Abbr ADDL
Natural earth shade OCHRE
Natural gas component ETHANE
Offstage aides CUERS
Old West trackers POSSE
One who won't let go LEECH
Ophthalmologist's concern EYESIGHT
Poke one's nose (into) PRY
Political philosopher Hannah ARENDT
Prefix with European INDO
Produces produce FARMS
Proofer's catch TYPO
Rats, gnats and brats PESTS
Repeat symbol, in scores DALSEGNO
San Antonio mission ALAMO
See the 67-Across clue REST
Share of the profits CUT
Sickly looking ASHEN
Sign that stands out NEON
Skylit lobbies ATRIA
South Carolina's __ Beach MYRTLE
Spill the beans TELL
Suitor's purchase ROSES
Superstore division AISLE
The Beatles' "I __ Walrus" AMTHE
Unemotional types STOICS
Very, in music ASSAI
What we have here THESE
Woman in a "Paint Your Wagon" song ELISA
Words on Alice's cake EATME
Wrath IRE