L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 1, 2016

Clue Answer
"Dies __": Latin hymn IRAE
"Golly!" GEE
"Great Taste...__ Filling": Miller Lite slogan LESS
"I remember now!" OHYES
"Ninotchka" star Greta GARBO
"Silent Night" words before calm and bright ALLIS
"The Thinker" sculptor RODIN
"__ girl!" ATTA
*"Animal Farm" tyrant NAPOLEON
*"Toy Story" toy bank HAMM
*40-Across' gal PETUNIA
*GEICO spokescritter who squeals, "Wee wee wee!" MAXWELL
*Stutterer in Looney Tunes sign-offs PORKY
*Unlikely title shepherd in a 1995 film BABE
*Whom Charlotte saved, in an E.B. White classic WILBUR
Actress Zadora PIA
Amer. attorney's study USLAW
Arctic chunk FLOE
Bedding accessory SHAM
Bigfoot kin YETI
Biological order including eight-armed creatures OCTOPODA
Burn slightly SEAR
Carter's vice president MONDALE
Catching-up query WHATSNEW
Do as told OBEY
Doggie POOCH
Domelike building top CUPOLA
Domesticated TAMED
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
FBI operatives AGENTS
Flows back EBBS
Gawk at OGLE
Having the capacity for learning EDUCABLE
Human rights advocate Jagger BIANCA
Key with one sharp: Abbr EMIN
Latin art ARS
Leaves in a big hurry RACESOFF
Mall event SALE
Mets' former stadium SHEA
More pert SAUCIER
Music studio activity TAPING
Nonprofit URL ending ORG
One-__ jack EYED
Online investment service ETRADE
Pay television CABLE
Per unit APOP
Per unit EACH
Perjurer's confession ILIED
Photo __: media events OPS
Provide (for oneself) FEND
QB's gains YDS
Real hoot RIOT
Really bad CRUMMY
Really eager KEEN
Reason-based faith DEISM
Reputed UFO pilot ALIEN
Rest of the afternoon NAP
Ribald BAWDY
Saintly glow HALO
Seductive quality ALLURE
See 65-Across PIGDAY
Self-regard EGO
Singer Yoko ONO
Skiing surface SNOW
Some reddish deer ROES
Strange: Pref XENO
Suffix with novel ETTE
Take more Time? RENEW
Tote LUG
Use as support LEANON
Used-up pencils NUBS
Variety TYPE
Waiting one's turn INLINE
With 67-Across, annual March 1 event celebrated in the answers to starred clues NATIONAL
Words of refusal ICANT
__ Grande RIO
__ Lingus AER