L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - June 30, 2015

Clue Answer
"Besides that ... " ALSO
"Dr. No" novelist Fleming IAN
"Look at that!" OOH
"Now I get it!" cries AHAS
"Reader, I married him" governess EYRE
"So sad!" ALAS
"The Family Circus" cartoonist Bil KEANE
"__ out!": ump's call YER
Above-the-street trains ELS
Air Pops chips maker LAYS
Boxcars, in craps SIXES
Cable station for game highlights ESPNEWS
Cartoon shopkeeper APU
Castel Gandolfo holy retreat PAPALPALACE
Cereal aisle regular __ Crunch CAPN
Checklist component ITEM
Checklist marks TICKS
Classic Christmas stocking punishment COAL
Coastal storm concern BEACHEROSION
Crossed (out) XED
Dance performed in grass skirts HULA
Dawn moisture DEW
Deli lunch ... or, based on a word hidden in 20-, 34- and 41-Across, what each of those answers is? HEROSANDWICH
Dieter's count CARBS
Does in, mob-style OFFS
Enjoyed a meal ATE
Fanny DUFF
Farmland skyline highlight SILO
Fizzy drinks SODAS
Flashy display ECLAT
Follow local conventions, metaphorically DOASTHEROMANSDO
Forthrightness HONESTY
Freakish OUTRE
Gas treatment letters STP
German automaker OPEL
Gershwin brother IRA
Get rich illicitly FEATHERONESNEST
Granny NANA
Halloween reward TREAT
Hank of Cooperstown AARON
Has yet to settle OWES
Hoover rival ORECK
IRS submission method EFILE
Italy's Villa d'__ ESTE
Join forces (with) ALLY
Julian and Sean, to John Lennon SONS
Lag behind TRAIL
Lay off FIRE
Leading AHEAD
Lyricist with Rodgers HART
Mali currency FRANC
Mgr.'s aide ASST
Minimum __ WAGE
NBC skit show, familiarly SNL
Often blocked online lewdness PORN
Org. policing Internet neutrality FCC
Pierre's "And there you have it!" ETVOILA
Pitcher in many still-life paintings EWER
Play the lead STAR
Prefix with sail PARA
Ready for harvesting RIPE
Rice field PADDY
Rock music style of the New York Dolls GLAM
Rooftop spinners VANES
Run the party HOST
Self-pitying lament WHYME
Small earring STUD
Speedy feline CHEETAH
Spock's father, but not his mother ALIEN
Steady stream FLOW
Tiny amt. of time NSEC
Twistable cookies OREOS
Vlasic varieties KOSHERDILLS
Web links, briefly URLS
Website for handmade goods ETSY