L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - July 16, 2015

Clue Answer
"... folks dressed up like __": "The Christmas Song" ESKIMOS
"Egad!" ACK
"Handcuff Secrets" author HOUDINI
"It's better to be looked over than overlooked" speaker MAEWEST
"Later" BYE
"MASH" nickname HOTLIPS
"Oh, I see" AHSO
"Wonderfilled" treats OREOS
"__ rang?" YOU
"__ so fast!" NOT
Accounts receivable, e.g ASSET
Actor Rob LOWE
After N.Y., team with the most World Series wins STL
Baja bear OSA
Bat wood ASH
Byzantine emperor after Basil I LEOVI
Car wash option WAX
Comic strip boy with a giant squid pal LIO
Contingently follow from HINGEON
Cookout, briefly BBQ
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Deeply regret DEPLORE
Dept. of Homeland Security org TSA
Deviate from a course YAW
Dish named for its French place of origin QUICHELORRAINE
Dr. Richard Kimble pursuer USMARSHAL
Drainpipe section TRAP
Embroidered pronoun HIS
Entice BAIT
Évian evening SOIR
Eyes in verse ORBS
Fallon followed him LENO
Fictional Carpathian Mountains resident DRACULA
First name in wieners OSCAR
Font choice: Abbr ITAL
Ford, but not Lincoln VEEP
Gauchos' weapons BOLAS
Greets rudely ACCOSTS
Inform TELL
Jurisdictional atmospheric areas AIRSPACES
Logical operators ORS
Low mark DEE
Luau entertainment HULAS
Med. personnel RNS
Medical tube STENT
Member of college music's Whiffenpoofs ELI
Nogales nap SIESTA
North __ SEA
Old instrument played with a plectrum LYRE
Painter Cassatt MARY
Pennant race mo SEP
Perón of Argentina EVA
Pinnacle ACME
Probably will, after "is" APTTO
Programmer's glitch, perhaps LOOP
Protects, in a way ENCASES
Psychodrama technique ... and a literal hint to what's hidden in 19-, 32- and 39-Across ROLEREVERSAL
Recitation from Matthew THELORDSPRAYER
Rio Grande city LAREDO
Rochester's bride EYRE
Seedless citrus fruit NAVELORANGES
Son of Eve CAIN
Store display suffix ORAMA
Storehouse ARSENAL
Stout in the mystery section REX
Tick off INCENSE
Trade-in deduction DENT
Traditional observance RITE
Valley DALE
Work hard SLAVE